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G is for Giraffe

G is for Giraffe

I wanted to do “Green Crayon” for “G” but I think it’s kind of a stretch for little ones to make that association. Even though Baby Bug LOVES her green crayon almost more than she loves me, half the time she calls it “Yellow”. Everything is yellow to her half the time.

H is for Hat

“H” is easy. Hat of course. We are very much into fashion and hats at our house. Who knew I would have such a girly-girl as a daughter. Maybe it was all that pink I subjected her to.

Get your letters here while they’re hot! I say that because eventually I’m going to take them down off my server and they will be gone forever! No, not forever. They’ll be available as a complete collection (with lower case) in a pretty box in my shop that is coming someday… Oh no! You just missed them.