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Quick Trip to the Sticks

In the middle of the pinkkkity party preparation, I had to make a quick trip to the sticks to pick up my personal caterer (Mom). I’m also attending a wedding. So it’s not all pinkness all the time around here. We do get a few other things done too.


  • Elizabeth

    I love Gumball. I think that you should start an adventure with Gumball the kitten where bloggers bid on getting her for a week and they have to take her on all kinds of adventures and take pictures of the adventures, then they mail her back to you or off to the next participant so that she can have more adventures that will, of course, all be documented on your readers’ blogs from around the world. Can I sign up for adventure #1??

  • Bethany

    I have not done my part yet in helping Gumball take over the world, but I have plans…

    On another note, SAJ, I have to say that every time you post photos of the sticks, it’s weird to me in a very nice way. My mom grew up in Banning, and I still have family in Beaumont. I’ve spent many, many hours looking at those mountains, and I get a little rush of homesickness/pleasure/nostalgia when I see them in your photos. So thanks for all the little trips down memory lane. If I ever see you when I’m in Hemet, I’ll give you a little wave (and hopefully flash my Gumball keychain at you).

  • nancy

    I was just thinking that it might be cool to stuff the kitties with other materials, beans, rice, those foamy beans from bean bags. Those cats would make very cool little bean bags. Just a thought as I am not crafty enough to make my own.

  • mar

    I was going to type something clever about Gumball (like my daughter and I are trying to figure out how to use Gumball as a Valentines card type thing!!) but can I just say your nieces are soooo adorable – they still have those kind of cheeks that want to make you to take a bite out of them!!