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    A space of her own

    I’ve been thinking… (yep, that smoke you smell would be the cogs going around in my brain) It’s been a year that I’ve been a mom now. I’ve been pretty much in survival mode all year but I think I’m ready to ease into something else finally. I’m not going to be any less of a mom but I think I might have some room left in my brain for other things too. Especially if I get a babysitter to come over for two hours twice a week. (Which by the way, Super Sitter Number One never responded to my very polite but delayed email but Super Sitter Number Two did and she’s lined up for Friday. Yay!)

    I’ve been thinking about my freelance business a lot and I need an office. I don’t have an office any more. All my office stuff is in Baby Bug’s room but I can’t work in there any more because when I get a chance to work she’s usually SLEEPING and the sound of me tapping lightly on my laptop always wakes her up. Always. So I’ve moved my laptop out to the breakfast bar in the kitchen and it works pretty well there…except when I need to scan or print something. When I need to scan or print I just cart my laptop back to Baby Bug’s room and squeeze out whatever I need to do while she clings to my legs begging me to pick her up. It’s okay, it mostly works.

    I miss having an office space though. Most of all I miss having an inspiration board. Thanks to OMSH for making me miss it even more. Unfortunately there isn’t any other cubby in my house that I can set up my office in so I was thinking maybe I could just cart my office around with me in a stylish basket. But I’m not sure where to put my inspiration board. Should I convert it into a virtual board in my computer? Should I cart around a three ring binder? What do you guys do? Does anybody have any hints for a mom who is used to having her own space but doesn’t have any space to herself any more?