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    Where all my money goes…

    Whatcha been up to SAJ, you ask? Well….I went to IKEA today and bought Baby Bug a little wooden table with two matching chairs. I’ve been hankering to buy her something like this since before she was born. I used to sit around with my pregnant belly and day dream about a little girl playing with her tea set or coloring on a little table with two chairs… Silly silly pregnant lady that I was. I had so much free time.

    However, I thought tables and chairs (the wooden kind) would cost me an arm and a leg. At least over a hundred dollars. I thought I would have to save up or find an old broken down colored-on one at a garage sale and paint it. I had no idea that you can buy these things for $20 at IKEA! New and clean for $19.99! IKEA rocks my poor broke pocket book.

    First it was the clean simple white high chair for under twenty bucks and now this nifty table! This is great since I’m in debt all the time these days. All my money goes on toys and clothes and silly stuff for my kid!! I never even buy myself clothes any more.

    I remember thinking that when I became a mom I wouldn’t let myself turn into a frump but I was so wrong. I hate shopping for myself now. I want to. I’d love to have some nice new trendy things. But shopping with a kid for clothes is horrible! Have you ever tried on clothes with a very curious toddler in a changing room full of dust bunnies and walls that can be crawled under? It’s just way more headache than it’s worth. I think if I want to have new clothes and be stylish, I’m going to have to break out the sewing machine and invent my own creations out of old t-shirts and my box of vintage fabric. I just can’t shop any more. At least not right now. You can only let your kid eat cheerios off the floor so many times before you start to feel like you must be the most horrible mother in the world.

    But I sure can shop for baby stuff. Toys! Clothes! I live to see Baby Bug get excited about new things. My money just flies right out of my wallet like bats out of a cave at twilight.

    Baby Bug loves her new table. Unfortunately, she thinks it’s a jungle gym and not a table. She’s very excited about climbing up on the chairs right now. I know it’s going to be a problem. I’m probably going to have to hide the chairs somewhere (where, I do not know). We’ll see.

    Thankfully, I also bought some new wooden blocks when I was at IKEA (See what I mean with the flying money?) and she seems to be temporarily distracted by them. She holds them up to us one by one and grunts out these really long sentences of very earnest sounds. She’s really really really trying to tell us something that is super important to her but I don’t have a clue what it is. I just smile and nod and soak up her happiness.

    She makes being broke and frumpy not so bad.

  • party party


    I’ve got a bee in my bonnet again. If I ever start an event planning company, I think I’m going to call it “Bee in a Bonnet”. It sounds lame but I could make it cool. I always call my crazy ideas a “bee in my bonnet” because that’s what they feel like to me. They buzz around my head in all different directions driving me crazy until I finally see them to fruition. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. Sometimes I’ll be in the shower thinking so hard about my latest idea, I’ll forget if I’ve shampooed my hair or not. So I’ll have to wash it again.

    Right now there is something else that is louder than my bee in my head. It’s Baby Bug is in the other room crying her head off. It’s making it hard to concentrate especially since I’m supposed to be working when the babysitter is here, not writing a blog post. But as I said I have a bee in my bonnet and it’s buzzing so hard I have to let it out for just a quick break. But can I first just talk about Baby Bug and her latest separation anxiety attacks? Sheesh!

    I think it’s normal but she has it bad right now. Every time the babysitter comes, she cries her head off and then for the rest of the day if I even leave the room she starts crying. I hate to see her so afraid but I think she needs to learn to trust other people especially people I tell it’s okay for her to trust. I know this is part of her development but it’s hard! I have such mixed feelings over it. My instinct just wants to cuddle her and make everything okay.

    A lot of my friends make fun of me and tell me I spoil Baby Bug because I spend every waking minute with her. I didn’t get a babysitter until she was a year old and I still won’t leave her at night. That means no date nights for Toby and I but it’s not like we were very good at those anyway. I rock her to sleep every night. I think the only other person who could put her to sleep is my mom and that’s only because my mom rocks her and sings like I do. I probably shouldn’t bring this up on my blog because I’m sure there are a lot of people out there with really strong opinions contrary to mine about this. But maybe it’s okay to have some discussion. It’s something I worry about a lot.

    Okay, done with the separation anxiety subject. On to my latest idea!

    So…. some background first: Toby is turning forty this year. The big four-oh. Wowie Zowie! I think it’s cool. I think he should be proud of himself and party like it’s 1999. But no, he doesn’t want any kind of party. He’d be perfectly happy if I completely forgot that his birthday is on March 20th. How could I forget though? It’s the first day of spring! One of my favorite days! And he’s turning forty, this is such a big deal. The only thing bigger was when I turned thirty and I threw the biggest coolest Happy Lucky Chinese Birthday party ever. Too bad I wasn’t blogging back then because I would love nothing better than to link to some pictures and brag brag brag.

    Anyway all this leads up to me wanting to plan a party. (roll eyes here) As you know I’m only allowed to throw one party a year, which is the stupidest rule ever but Toby has to put some limits on me or else I’d make us go bankrupt. This rule sucks because Baby Bug’s birthday party is already over and now I have to wait a whole year to plan the next one. Plus, I was thinking I should keep her birthdays low key because maybe babies don’t like crazy parties. (Ha! Who am I kidding? We’re probably going to have a blow out every year.)

    Then I got to thinking that this year my birthday falls on a friday and the obvious day to throw a party would be the saturday after which is…………….. (drum roll here) ……..

    Oh Seven Oh Seven Oh Seven!!!!! As in July 7th, 2007. How cool is that?! There are so many possibilities for a theme party here. It’s a secret agent’s dream come true! You’ve got the Double Oh Seven James Bond theme and then lucky seven Vegas style… I could cover my breakfast bar in tinfoil and serve chilled seven-up in martini glasses. We could play lounge music and dress up like cool cats from the sixties!!!! So fun!!!!

    Except the part where everybody is sick of me throwing parties for myself. Hmph. I can’t throw myself another party. It’s just pathetic. But what can I do?!!! I can’t help it that my birthday is a day before the coolest day all year. I told Toby about my ideas for a 070707 party and guess what? He thought it was kinda cool too. So cool that he said I could throw his birthday party in July. What!!!! Is he serious? Or is he just trying to throw me off track so March 20th will come and go and I’ll leave him alone?

    Obviously he’s underestimating the power of a bee in my bonnet.