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    Can you guess what I’m going to do with these? You probably can. But if you guessed that I would give them to Baby Bug, you would be wrong. Poor Baby Bug. She is one ticked off toddler these days. The gumballs are exactly what she really really really wants. They’re so astro bright pink and round and small and they fit perfectly in her mouth! What a mean mommy I am for not letting her choke on them. I let her hold one for three seconds but that ended up being more torture than it was worth so I had to take it away. It’s tough being a baby.

    It’s tough being a mom. Did I tell you she’s been biting me lately? While nursing? I was planning on weaning her naturally. Things were already going that way anyway so I thought it would be easy. But then she started biting me and YIKES! I’m all for weaning yesterday. I hate nursing her now.

    I feel like I’m voluntarily putting a very tender part of my body in a paper cutter. I never know when those choppers are going to bite down and draw blood. It makes me shake in fear. I tried the scolding and withholding but it seems like she doesn’t even know she is doing it and the whole thing turns into a crying screaming mess. She usually does it right when she’s in the middle of falling asleep and scolding her then shocks her awake and freaks her out. She doesn’t even want me to comfort her. So she sits on my lap trying to push herself away from me, crying. It’s all very sad. I hope this goes away soon.

    She’s also having a tough time because she’s still getting over that cold. The worst seems to be over but she’s still pretty congested when she’s sleeping. She coughs in her sleep and wakes herself up. Of course I’m scared sick she has asthma so I’m constantly checking to see if she’s still breathing. It’s funny how new fears crop up just as old ones are finally fading. I’m so glad she’ll be a year soon and I can stop worrying about SIDS. But now I worry she has asthma and I’m going to have to get rid of my cats. Sigh…

    Anyway, lets talk about gumballs! Gumballs are fun and happy! They taste nasty though. But who cares. They’re pink!