• Slow News Day

    Cabin Fever

    You know you’re bored when you start taking pictures of your kid’s toys. Or maybe you’re just brilliantly witty like OMSH. (Jailgy, have you seen this?!!) I swear though, I didn’t mean to copy her. But how can I not? The brilliance! The originality! The commentary! I haven’t even had a chance to read it all yet. I’m too busy trying to keep Baby Bug entertained and myself sane.

    It’s been raining for ages. Make that two days, but it feels like ages. How do you guys out there in snow-land do it? I start twitching and chasing my tail if I don’t get outside every day. I’m so sick of my house, I can’t stand it. Let alone keeping Baby Bug quiet so Toby can focus on work. I could probably stay inside for months on end if it was just me and my laptop but Baby Bug has a fit when I zone out by the computer. She knows the laptop is the “other baby” and she is very very jealous.

    The sun finally did come out and we took full advantage of it by walking down to the beach. It was really pretty. The tide was way way out. I took a ton of pictures but I’m going to have to post them tomorrow. My server guy says I need to keep my slide shows to a minimum. I think I already have too many flipping pictures with my little toy show. Speaking of, feel free to click over to my TOYS flickr set and help me think of funny captions, ’cause I am never going to be as funny as OMSH all by myself. Okay, I’m done linking her now. I promise. No more OMSH until next week, maybe.

  • Shop Talk

    inspiration corner

    Okay, it’s not perfect but I have a corner. Baby Bug says it’s okay that I keep my crap in her room because my crap is interesting. Especially the cup of 52 Sharpie pens. That’s her favorite. Good thing those caps don’t come off easily because she likes to play 52-Sharpie-Pick-Up every day. It’s her favorite game, right up there with eating crayons, messing up the television and climbing up on top of her toy box. Phew, it’s fun being a mom.

    I don’t work much in this corner yet but I will on Friday when Super Sitter Number Two comes for a visit. I’m so excited. I shouldn’t be. I should not work. Why do I like to work so much? Toby says I should just design for fun, not money. Which I do. Right here on this blog. But I still like to work because I like to buy cute little outfits for Baby Bug and somebody has to pay for all those grande lattes from Starbucks. Not mention I have grand dreams of getting rich quick and buying a house with a washer and dryer AND an office just for me.

    This morning I was wishing I didn’t work because I had to do my resale taxes. I hate doing my taxes. My taxes are easy and I still hate them. I just hate forms. I don’t sell anything other than my non-taxable labor so I just put zero zero zero down the form and send it off with a prayer. But still, just trying to read the form gives me hives. I should just work for free. I’m getting rid of my resale license pronto. It is way more work than it’s worth and I don’t need it anymore. I’ll miss doing flowers for weddings but the paperwork is not worth the hassle. If any bride wants me to do flowers, she can buy them herself and pay me to show up.

    I’m rambling. Blame it on that second cup of coffee I’m sipping. What I wanted to blog about is my new inspiration corner. I like it. It’s nice. You don’t see it until you’ve walked all the way in to Baby Bug’s room so it doesn’t really clutter up our house. What? I’ll explain.

    I have a Bren Shui rule that I always follow. I blogged about Bren Shui way back in my non-existant archives… maybe you remember. The rule is: everything must look good from when you’re standing in the door. All is well if everything looks okay from there. You can have piles of paper, dirty laundry, shuffled boxes of crap—I don’t care… just don’t put it in view of the door. Hide it in a closet or behind a sheet covered chair, anywhere. Just keep it out of sight. I want to be able to walk through my house quickly and feel as if things are in order. What I can’t see, doesn’t exist. Out of sight, out of mind etc. etc…

    The inspiration corner is a nice surprise that you see once you’ve walked into the peaceful serene baby’s room (um, after I’ve picked up all 52 sharpie pens and the other miscellaneous toys of course). Baby Bug likes it too. She always wants me to hold her so she can examine each little piece and if I’m not watching closely so she can snag a push pin and eat it. Mmmmm, push pins are so delicious and pokey and sharp. They stab you in the throat when you swallow them. Don’t worry, she hasn’t swallowed a push pin yet. Cat kibble, yes. Push pins, no.

    All of your ideas for space were great… but well, a lot of them won’t work. Mostly because Toby and I are lazy and stubborn and we don’t like change. Or Toby doesn’t like change. You get the picture. The garage idea… fantastic but we’ve already thought about that one a lot and there are too many hurdles. The crazy landlady, the fact that we don’t want to put money into our termite infested tear-down, the crazy landlady who wants to raise our rent, the mice that eat cords, the crazy landlady, the lack of a functioning door and on and on I could go. But feel free to come over and discuss it further with us if you like.

    For now I’m holding onto my last little corner in Baby Bug’s room. And I’m also going to work work work and get rich quick so I can buy a real house.