“Toys for Animals” by Bug

Bug, animal toy designer

This post is entirely by Bug.

Hi. I wanted to show you what I made today so you could maybe try to make this at home or maybe just ask somebody how to make it. Or maybe me. I wanted to do this because I thought you would like it. So I made all these things. I thought they would be a good thing for real animals.

These are the toys that I have designed:

Cat Toy

This is one of my cat toys. You hold the stick and your cat will see it and try playing with each string. There is catnip in the ball that sprinkles out because there are holes in it. The cat will play with the dangly ribbons and feathers.

Cat Toys

Each of these toys will distract your cat or maybe if you have other cats it will distract your catS. They are some type of mouses that you might not see. I just made them up because they look fancy. So your cat would play with a lot of the strings tied onto them. There are feathers on the bottom that your cat will play with.

Cat Toy

This is a toy that you hold by the silver ball at the top. It goes down with a bunch of bungy strings and at the bottom it’s like a rainbow firework. It’s made with strings not real fire of course. Your cat will play with the strings like it’s blowing up but it’s not really. It won’t make any loud noises or anything. As you hold that silver ball don’t keep your hand still. Try to go up and down with your hand so it will jiggle.

Bird Toy

If you have a parrot it will hear the sound and come flying over to each stick. It will start climbing but if it likes to pick at things it will pick at each nut on the side of the sticks. And when it climbs up to the very top it might fly down but I would think it would keep on pecking at the nuts.

Dog Toy

You will buy this toy as a bone at the store. But if you have a steak left over in your fridge, tie the steak to this bone and your dog will begin to either chew on the bone or the steak. If you have two dogs one will chew on the bone and one will chew on the steak.

Dog Toy

This toy has a lever that you hold on one side and it goes to the other side and it connects to a string that is connected to a steak. Your dog will start chewing on the steak but the steak will squeak. It’s not a real steak. If you have two dogs one will chew on the string and one will chew on the steak. But if it’s possible, they could both chew on two parts of the steak. The squeegly lines are smells and sounds.

Wheel for a cat to exercise.

This toy your cat will be in the wheel and will start playing with the cat toy but as that goes your cat will begin exercising around the wheel because the cat will keep on looking at the cat toy because it’s filled with catnip and it has a lot of feathers on it. The cat will really like that and keep exercising on the wheel.

Mouse Toy

If you have a mouse in the side of your wall, put some stinky cheese by your wall and the mouse will come out. But before you put your cheese there, make sure your cat or dog is nearby. I would say cat so that when the mouse comes out, the mouse will take the cheese and the cat will take the mouse. I would take the mouse with gloves if you are afraid to touch the dead mouse. Your cat will be a proud cat for catching the mouse. Or your dog will be a proud dog.

Dog Smelly Toy

This is a leash that has two buttons. One button is green. One button is red. Like a usual collar it has no smell thing and your dog will stop and take a smell. But if you hit the green button it will make the smell go away so you can keep walking your dog. If you hit the red button the smell will stay there and your dog will stay there for minutes or maybe I would say hours. But mostly a second.

Cat Toy

This toy you put the circle on your finger like a ring. Your cat will tug on the toy because there is catnip and also it looks like a weird kind of mouse. You wiggle your hand so the toy is like a mouse and it shakes out catnip. The cat will scratch at it because it looks like a tasty mouse. It will keep on playing with it until you stop. This mouse is a funny looking mouse but to me it’s a cool mouse because it looks cool and I made it. When you are done your cat will stop clawing and will smell the catnip on the floor. If you are one of those crazy people then you will want to clean it up but if you want to leave it there your cat will start clawing on the carpet.

Cat Scratching Post Litter Box

This one, well, your cat will smell the catnip on the scratch box. It will start clawing up but if your cat has to go potty then it will go to the catbox in the middle of it. But if it wants to play while it’s doing that, there is a cat toy at the top that your cat will play with. Then your cat will start clawing down when it’s done. That will help get all the kitty litter off.

Bird Food Bowl

This one is for birds. Your bird will start drinking water on the outside but if it likes peas it will peck at the peas in the next ring up. In the middle it will see nuts and it might peck at the nuts in the middle. When your bird is done I’m just going to tell you this: This is the kind of bowl that you can take the food out and it’s flat on the bottom. It’s round but flat on the bottom. You can take the sections out.

Bird, Dog and Cat Toy

This one is if you have a bird, a dog and a cat. Your bird will tag at the bottom, your dog will tag at the middle and your cat will tag at the top. But you will lay this thing on the floor so each animal can get it. I hope your pets will get along so they won’t act crazy. But they might act crazy on the toys.

everything they neeed

This one your cat will climb in, seeing that there is a catbox in the middle. On each side there are scratchboards and your cat will see that there is a cat toy in the middle. It might take a break and eat some catfood and water. There are two circles. The brown circle and blue circle.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to see more information about these toys email my mom.

Bug just wrote her very own blog post. Actually she dictated and I typed but she's pretending she typed it.

Goodbye! That’s it for now.