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    Lemon Season is Here Early!

    lemonade first pick

    Bug has been begging me to pick lemons for weeks now. I was putting it off because once you start picking, you have to process the lemons right away. You can’t just let them sit around on your table looking pretty for weeks and weeks. They can sit around on the tree for months and months however. But the draw of fresh lemons was strong so I finally gave in and let Bug pick a bushel when Anna was here visiting. We had to treat our out-of-towner to something special after all.

    it's lemon week! squeezer girl

    So we squeezed them and made lemonade.

    sangria delicioso!

    Anna taught me how to make sangria with lemonade. I had no idea that was the a way to make it and here I’ve had a lemon tree at my beck and call all this time. The sangria is made with just one part orange juice, one part lemonade and one part cheap red wine with lots of fruit thrown in for the pretty. It was delicious.

    lemon bar very pretty goober
    I made some lemon bars too because that’s just what you do when you have guests and a whole lotta lemons!

    All photos by Anna.

  • Eye Spy

    lemonade in jars


    I was fretting about what kind of drinks to serve at Bug’s Fairy party next weekend. I wanted the fancy soda pop bottles with stripey straws but I didn’t want to shell out the cash. I had visions of foamy punch but the cups were kind of getting me down. The glass cups I have are too fancy for little kids and paper cups just bug me for some reason. (I’m a snob. I admit it.) Then it dawned on me that I have a tree busting with lemons that are ripe! I could make gallons of lemonade for the price of a few cups of sugar, buy a couple of flats of mason jars and call it done! I can even punch holes in the mason jar lids and create a kid-friendly sippy cup with those stripey straws that I love so much. (Anna and I tested it.) I might even hot-glue-gun some flowers to the tops to make them extra-fairy-fancy!