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    Bug and SAJ’s Holiday Adventure


    Over Christmas Vacation Bug and I had a few adventures. First we went to the annual bible conference we always go to with my family. It was really nice but not very photogenic so I have no photos to share. I take that back. I did take quite a few instagrams in the hotel:

    We love hotel beds!hotel still lifeantiquehotel coffee. powdered creamer. not so yummy but I do love lazy sunny mornings in hotels...

    We love hotels. Especially this one. The beds are always so nice and white and fluffy.

    Hollywood sign through branches

    After the conference we had some time before we had to be home so I looked up local points of interest on my handy dandy smart phone and saw that the Hollywood sign was only fifteen minutes away. I’ve always wanted to see it up close. Unfortunately, you can’t actually get very close but it was a fun adventure anyway.


    It was a beautiful day. As my Aunt was telling me earlier, January is Southern California’s best kept secret. We always have the best weather in January.

    climbing around

    walking back down

    We had a nice walk around the lookout spot.

    view point

    The view was amazing outside of the hazy smog.

    After I was sure I had secured every possible touristy photo possible we headed home. But not without first stopping for lunch in Pasadena!

    I loved these napkin rings

    We ate at this really delicious French crepe place. It was pretty fancy and a bit out of our budget but sooo much better than fast food which was what we’d find along the rest of our route home. I love mother-daughter lunches.

    goof bomb

    No, I didn’t eat all that. I took half of it home and had it for breakfast the next day!

    little Paris

    Service was authentically slow so we had lots of time to goof around and take photos, which I actually enjoy a lot.

    pretty gelato


    Then gelato for Bug for desert! It was so pretty in this gelato shop. The light was reflecting off the buildings across the street and flooding the store through their big windows.

    romantic couple

    This cute couple really caught my attention but I didn’t want to freak them out taking too many photos.

    lucky girl

    So I was sneaky about it!



    Colorado Blvd.

    I could have stayed all day taking photos but because I had parked in a public parking lot and given the guard my keys, I was too nervous to leave my laptop in the car and therefore was stuck carrying it around with me. So that with my camera and my giant purse…it was a bit cumbersome. After a few blocks of me taking photos we headed back to the car and home.