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    Fairy Party Progress

    It’s a good thing you guys like to read about fairy parties because that’s all I’ve got on my brain these days. I’m loving this theme and wishing it could go on for months and months. Unlike the Pinkkkity First Birthday where I got sick of pink and the Royal Fifth Birthday Princess Party where I never wanted to see anything fuschia again, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of woodland fairies and the color teal/peacock/turquoise. I’m loving Bug’s latest color of choice. She is so funny about color, that girl.

    Anyway, here is the progress: I’ve made a sign. I painted it with some black acrylic and varnished it with some leftover floor sealant from my bathroom project. There was a reason I bought that great big can. It’s coming in handy! I also painted a “home sweet home” tiny stump for my neighbor Wendy who is moving away to a cabin in the woods. I attached a magnet to it and she stuck it to her fridge so she can remember me forever and ever! I’m going to miss her. But painting stumps is fun. I might have to do some more and put them in my shop.

    chocolate sticks

    Last night at our weekly dinner at Grandma’s we made chocolate sticks and frosting and my Aunt Keren made meringue mushrooms!

    meringue mushrooms

    How awesome are they?!! I can’t believe how real they look but they are super light and airy. You just want to pop them in your mouth and fart fairy dust or something. I told you I’m loving this theme. I’m thinking I need to sprout some wings and move to the woods.

    fairy tents inside!

    Yesterday I rearranged my entire living room. I put my art desk in storage and moved everything else up against the walls. I failed to take pictures but I’ll try to get some tomorrow. I’m not a fan of furniture that lines the walls but it did open up a great big space in my living room that will be perfect for dancing fairies. I can’t wait to show you the tulle and the fairy orbs strung from the ceiling. It really does look magical. Which is a good thing because now the weather is predicted to be 71 percent chance of rain.

    I’m embracing it. Maybe I’ll even make hot chocolate

    For fun I even sewed together two sheets and hung them from a rope in Bug’s room. It was the best after-school surprise ever. She played in it all afternoon and is currently sleeping there. We might have to leave it up permanently.

    busy day

    I also baked four layers of cake (from a mix, don’t get all impressed or anything) that I’m going to turn into a stump with my chocolate branches and about four thousand little strawberry mini cupcakes that I’m going to frost with red frosting and stick white M&M’s into to look like red spotted mushrooms.

    soon to be red spotted mushrooms!

    AND!! As if that wasn’t enough, I made some fairy atriums.

    fairy atriums

    They didn’t really turn out. My glass bubble bowls are too small and the moss takes up half of the space but they’re still woodsy and fun. I really wanted a big glass fish bowl but these are what I had on hand so I’m letting that go. It’s not like it’s a wedding and I’m decorating a banquet hall or anything. Ha ha.

    It’s all just been so much fun. So much fun that I haven’t done any work all day today and now I have to stay up half the night to meet my deadlines. It’s worth it though.

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