Free Little Valentine Book (for the Kindle and devices using Kindle apps)

FREE Kindle Book! (until midnight)

I forgot to tell you guys I have a free book out today!! (How could I forget something like that? I don’t know!!!) It’s basically a bunch of my Valentine art all in one place that you can download on your Kindle or phone (if you have the kindle app) and you can share with your sweetheart. Kinda like a little “phonetine”. Wouldn’t it be fun to send this to your sweetheart as a gift of maybe cuddle up with your kiddos on Valentine’s Day and read it to them? I think so. Anyway, it’s FREE until midnight tonight! So if you want it, get on it! Free is totally worth figuring out how a Kindle app works. And while you’re at it, if you figure it out, leave me a review! :) xoxo!

Valentine Hand-Warmers

cozy on a cold day

Bug and I made some super cozy warm Valentine Hand-Warmer’s for Alpha+Mom yesterday. We tried them on the commute to school this morning. They were awesome! Perfect for pockets and that tight spot on your shoulder (that I ALWAYS have). Bug doesn’t like how her’s smelled like cooked rice so I think I’m going to make some more with dried lavender mixed in. Check ’em out! I wonder if coffee beans would microwave…?