• Melissa

    You got invites designed, assembled and mailed within 24 hours??? You are an invitation goddess! Have a wonderful New Years Eve! Personally, your NYE plans sound perfect to me. I’ve always found NYE to be terribly overrated.

  • nicole

    don’t you love a good closet purge…so refreshing! try your kitchen next, it’s amazing to discover what you don’t need….or do need.

  • Sarah

    I’m totally with you on the new cup happiness! My absolute favourite is my black and white Starbucks mug – such a beautiful shape.

  • Denise

    Does that say “researched ally closure”? What does that mean?

    SAJ says: It’s a typo (or an illustrato). It should read alley. We have don’t have a backyard so I’m trying to close the alley by our house so that we can have a bounce house.

  • Meemo

    I truly enjoy your ilios. It’s such a fun way to read about your life.

    We’re big fans of Olivia at my house too, even my big boys. However, we all prefer Charlie and Lola. Best kid show ever. Except that my boys are walking around trying to imitate a British accent. They’re not very good at it no matter how much they watch it.

    Maybe you should find a local park for the party so that you can have a bounce house for a fraction of the price.