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Busy Season



1. Calee is this Calee and she is NOT a lousy crafter. She just has higher standards than I do.

2. “Pricess” would be Princess. Dur. I told you the other half of my brain is a wasteland.


  • Kate

    Dearest Secret Agent Josephine –

    Perhaps you can help rescue me? I, too, have neat little bottles of vanilla ready to mail, but I have been putting the project off because I am not exactly sure if there are any special precautions that go into such an undertaking. If you could share your wisdom, I would be most appreciative. (And thank you for the continued daily sketches – they bring smiles, laughter and inspiration every day!)


    So, I’m loving the jingle bell tutu/skirty thing idea, and I know my kids would LOVE it… We’ve been gettin’ down to Christmas music after dinner each night for a little ‘dance party/get you wiggles out before tub’ time – good fun! Your daily sketches are great – I didn’t even notice the spelling error until you pointed it out, so your sketches filled in the missing letter for my tired brain!!

  • bethany actually

    Could you come bring some of your superwoman-task-accomplishing abilities to my house? I stay up till 3am and I still don’t get everything done. :-)

    Excuse me, I have to go attempt to cross some more items off my list. Wish me luck.

    Kate, when I ship my vanilla I wrap each bottle in several paper towels, then seal it in a zip-lock bag, then wrap the whole bag in bubble wrap and tape it securely. Then I use padding around that in the shipping box, like crumpled paper or packing peanuts or more bubble wrap. (The paper towels are absorbent material just in case the bottle breaks or leaks.)

  • Kate

    Thanks, Bethany Actually! Between your and S.A. Jo’s responses, I feel much more confident in my vanilla shipping skills. :-) And thanks to both of you for responding – that was super kind of you, ladies!

  • a chris

    Yeah, I’m with ioi! It’s weird, people out of the blue: “oh, I got my cards done but I still need to ship my vanilla.” To pluck a popular phrase from the internet: “Wait. What?”

    I presume this is some sort of crafty thing and not a new universal holiday obligation…

  • gingermog

    Well done for getting everything done :) You are a super star. Hmm I fancy sewing bells on the ends of my hippy skirt. I like the idea of tinkling when I walk. On second thoughts my cat would go bananas and my students would think I am wackier than they ever did before ;)

    Enjoy your time at Bethanys. I imagine its warm? Here its freezing fog. Decidedly un-christmassy. Bring on the frost please.