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Big Plans Today


If you can call a trip to an independent fabric store and a walk downtown an adventure. I totally call it an adventure. Just think of the photos I could take!

After being holed up in the house all day yesterday, supposedly sewing on my grand quilt project (FAIL FAIL), I think we are due for some fresh outside air. At least Bug is due for some. Poor kid, she’s getting pretty sick of tv and us ignoring her.


  • Gramma

    My quilt life became so much easier when I discovered strip piecing. It is fast and presents all kinds of creative possibilities and is done “johnny-quick. Just stand by the rack holding “Quilting” books and glance through one of their offerings. I like Marti Michell or Ellen (whatsername) On your next visit to the fabric store, that is. Don’t buy a new book…check out my collection the next visit to the sticks.

  • K

    Hi – just delighted to see you embarking on another project! Ahh, I enjoy reading your blog (which doesn’t seem to quite capture the depth of experiences and information and ART) so much! Here’s to 2010, and another fine year of inspiring… stuff (okay, no inspiration in the vocab department tonight). x

  • Lori

    you need to get on chronicle books’ email list — they have sales a couple times a yr (mother’s day and xmas? something like that) when they discount their books (20-30%) plus give free shipping *and* they have moleskines. that’s when i stock up!


  • Kathy

    So……long time reader, first time poster!
    Just had to let you know that I adore your sketches! They just make me laugh and if for a moment I may sound like a cheeseball, theyve really helped me improve on my sketching skills. You just make it look so easy, so I have done the same and just kept it simple! Your little Bug and her words of wisdom make me and my young princess laugh all the time! She is just too adorable!!

    Merry Christmas SAJ, to you and your Fam from mine!!!!

  • OMSH

    I really should practice drawing because if I could do this I’d never get my nose out of my moleskine – instead I just make list after list after boring list.

    I LOVED the post on the fabric store; I too could collect fabric, but since I rarely sew a darn thing – it would go to waste.