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Free Valentines for you!

free valentines

I’m feeling illustratorly tonight so I made you some free valentines to download. If you don’t have any color ink in your printer, there’s a black and white version that your kids can color.

filling out the back

valentines for the niece-com-poops

Then when you’re done join my secret club and upload your masterpieces!

If you’ve enjoyed these there are more here! And if you find yourself printing out dozens, donate to the cause and have good karma for seven years!


  • Amber

    Thank you so much for sharing these super cute valentines! You saved the day for my 3 year old, mommy forgot to help her make valentines and her school party is tomorrow, eek!

  • astrid

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    My oldest had lots of fun coloring your b & w version! Thank you so much sharing!

  • Sarah

    Thanks – these are sooooo cute! My husband’s work prints out cards as a little ‘fun’ activity, and I sent them to him – he wrote back to say how much his coworkers loved them. I think the exact words were “bwahahhaha these are so cute, we’re using them!”. I’m also going to have my 21-month old ‘color’ them tonight – thanks, you’re the best!

  • greta

    i just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering this. I made some candied citrus peels for my coworkers for v-day, and was trying to figure out how to decorate the packages… and time was running out! This was perfect. I was afraid they wouldn’t look good from my home printer, but no, they look GREAT and added just the right splash of color.

  • Cristin

    We loved these so much! In addition to using them for Valentines, we made them into a matching game! Thanks for sharing!

  • Natalee

    Found you through Karen at chookooloonks, and just wanted to say thanks!! Not only are these adorable, but now I don’t have to spend money on Valentine’s! Thank you so much!!!

  • zh

    I printed these out for my son’s preschool valentines. They are adorable — much cuter than anything you get at the store! Thanks so much.

  • Laura from KY

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! From a ((STUDENT)) Teacher with NO money!!!!! I like these so much I would certainly pay for them!!! (If, of course, I had the $$$) So awesome!!!

  • Merryn

    Thank you for the wonderful cards. I printed them for my pre-schooler too. The bear and the butterfly were my favourites.

  • BeeBee

    I added googly eyes for a “custom” look.

    It took me less than 30 minutes to do Valentines this year. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Nikki

    Thanks so much for sharing these! It saved me from having to buy those cheapie cards with the bloody Disney Princesses on them! :) My 3yo daughter loved these, and she can’t wait to hand them out to her friends today at school!

  • Shauna

    You are wonderful and brilliant! I just found out Wednesday evening that I would need 20 valentines for *each* of my two daughters for a party today. These are way cuter than anything in the store, and being able to print them myself saved me a lot of time. :)

  • nina

    We used the black and white graphic and colored them. My daughter had the cutest and best valentines. And she had a great time coloring them. Thank you so much for providing us with fun and non commercial valentines. Easy for mom too! Thanks again.

  • Jenn

    Thank you. I have marked for next year when Malcolm might be old enough to not just eat these.

    Okay, maybe the year after.


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