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    Sick Bug

    poor sick Bug

    Poor Bug. She caught some sort of stomach virus or maybe something she ate didn’t agree with her. She’s been puking for about eighteen hours. Thankfully somewhere around midnight last night she started keeping water down. I think she’s getting better.

    It’s not exactly the best way to spend a vacation but I’m just thankful this is only the second time Bug has ever been sick this way. I read accounts on the internet all the time of moms and dads staying up all night with puking kids. I’ve been very lucky so far with her.

    Bug is a trouper too. She really tries to be her spunky self in between being totally grossed out by the fact that she’s puking just like the cats do. We deal with cat puke on a daily basis at our house so this sickness has added a whole new level to her understanding. We’ve gone through about a thousand motel towels and every last pair of the 102 sets of pajamas I packed. I think we’ll be visiting the parents’ laundry room sometime in the near future if they’ll have us. (I hear Grandma is sick too)

    I think today will be a much better day. Maybe we’ll even make it outside.