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    Shiny Happy Weekend

    All the kids love Angella

    Oh me oh my. We’ve been having a lot of fun these last few days. Angella came down from Canada to get rid of her winter blues and we have been packing in the fun as much as she can take. She’s going to go home with so much sunshine in her soul, they’re going to send her back because she’ll be too bright and cheery.

    "Brush with us!" they say.

    First we shipped her off to Bethany’s for some pottery painting. That always cures my winter blues but then I’m sort of a freak that way. I painted a tree plate but I don’t think it’s going to turn out. I also painted Angella’s mug accidentally by mistaking it for the water bowl when I wanted to wash off my brush. At least she’ll get a laugh at my expense every morning when she drinks her hazelnut latte.

    The only problem with Angella visiting is that she has a freaking huge camera! Whenever she breaks it out, my cameras have to go hide in my purse because they have terrible inferiority complexes. I have hardly any photos of our fun because I’m tired of posting other people’s great works of art here. You can go ooh and awww over at their sites.

    three bobble heads

    After a really nice visit at my other home (Bethany’s) we came back here for some kind of drinkfest blogger meet up. I don’t usually go to these events because I’m not much of a drinker and I hate trying to have a conversation while yelling. But Sarah was there and they sort of dared me into going. I’m so glad I did. It wasn’t that big of a crowd and I clicked right away. I love it when that happens.

    Somebody should pick up this show.

    Now I have a bunch of new blogs I have to keep up on. $#@#%@!!

    my bug

    You know what else makes me super happy this weekend? Bug is officially potty-trained. Woooooo Hoooo!