Daily Grommet: Valentine’s Special


Around here a “grommet” is a little surfer guy. In other parts of the world it’s a nut or a bolt or something. And most recently, if you are in the know, it’s a website where they feature new and interesting products, called Daily Grommet. Too bad they aren’t featuring little surfer guys daily.

In order to get the word out about their new and exciting website, the folks at Daily Grommet are recruiting bloggers like me to hype it up a little. What better way to hype something than to give away FREE stuff!!! Because that’s all you really care about. I know. I’ve been watching my stats. You’re all a bunch of free-mongers.

Just kidding. But free stuff is fun, I agree.

So here’s what you have to do to win something:

Check out these videos featuring the giveaway products on Daily Grommet:


Oooh chocolate sauce. Mmmmmm…


Valentine’s Day Craft supplies! Sign me up for this one.

Then come back and post a comment—what do you like about these products or the Daily Grommet website?

One winner will be selected between now and Saturday for each product. I’m not making any promises on when the winner will be announced because I will be traveling and wifi access may be spotty but somebody will definitely win! So have fun!

Edited to add: As of 6:50pm PST comments are closed. A winner will be selected soon!