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off-loading the overstock

I have a few puppet show boxes I want to get rid of. If you’d like one, they’re in my shop. I have no idea how I’m going to ship them but I figure five bucks will cover it.

February Calendar

If FREE is more your speed then you can download February’s SAJ calendar. I’m sorry it took me so long to get it to you. But I ‘spose late is better than never.


  • BeachMama

    Lovely!! I have been using my iCal and posting it on the fridge, but your Calendars are so much prettier that I will give February a try and see how I like it :).

    Thank you SAJ, as always, you ROCK!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    I LOVE these calendar pages. I’ve been printing them in black and white (I’m cheap) but I might actually have to spring for a color ink cartridge soon – they’re even better that way. Thanks for keeping us all punctual ;)

  • TamiA

    First time commenter, few weeks reader :) I love the calendar, I didn’t know you had this little feature and I love it! It’s hanging on my fridge now. Looking forward to the rest of the year! And love your blog, btw. Thanks SAJ!

  • Susana

    Its just beautifull, I love it! …You know I discover your page just a few days a go; and let me tell you, that I cannot stop visiting it , your work is so beautiful and full of love and you have the most precious daughter.
    I am graphical Designer also. and I am from Venezuela. and this year my husband and I glided to have our first son and you have become to me like a roll model , thanks for everything you do and to share it with us, kisses

    sorry for my awfull english :P