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Preschool is FUN!

little miss early bird

Yesterday was such an unexpected good day. It was the first day back to school in two weeks, since last Monday was a holiday. It started off horribly. Even the night before was horrible. Every time I mentioned going to school, Bug would well up with tears. She saw me packing her lunch and started crying. She saw me getting out her school clothes and she started crying. In bed at night as we prayed for a good day at school, she started crying. All the next morning it was tears tears tears…it ripped my heart out.

I don’t want to teach her that she can cry and throw a fit to get her way but these tears of sadness really made me second-guess my decision to put her in school so young. Does she really need it? I’ve heard so many arguments on both sides of the fence. I feel like I’m getting blisters from riding the middle of the fence like a bucking bronco. What to do, what to do…

But we toughed it out and went to school anyway.

Luckily for me, one of my friends was visiting the school yesterday. She was observing to see if she wanted to put her daughter in Bug’s class. I didn’t know you could do that or I would have signed up too. I didn’t even know my friend was there until later she emailed me several photos of Bug in class having the time of her life.

There was Bug in the middle of music class smiling from ear to ear as she beat a bowl with a spoon. There was Bug sitting with her classmates all lined up in a row, listening to storytime with rapt attention. There she was on the playground going down the slide with confidence. There she was on the teeter-totter playing with her buddies. Every picture was of Bug having fun and none of them were posed.

Bug likes school. I have proof now. I’d include the photos but I need to protect the privacy of the other children so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Then after school we stuck around to play on the massive playground they have and chat with another mother who is a friend of mine. When it was finally time to leave Bug waved to the playground. “Bye preschool!” she said. “See you next Monday!”

Does that sound like someone who is too young to go to preschool? I don’t think so. In fact this morning she woke up and asked if we were going to school today. I had to tell her no. Now she’s crying because she wants to go to school. I know you guys all told me she’d come around. I just didn’t know it was going to be like this.

hee hee


  • Nicole Miraty

    If she is anything like mine, they forget how much fun they had over the long stretch between Mondays. That is a loooooong time in kid time. Hang in there. A million years from now, when she starts kindergarten, she will have some experience when it comes to leaving home for the day. She’ll remember that Mom is always waiting at the end of school.

  • kiki

    I know that struggle all too well. trying to decide if my Kindergardener would be better off home schooled. That is so nice to have a friend do that for you. I think all kids do that crying and such about school at least a couple times. I’m sure my kids save it especially for me. You deserve a day a week at least!

  • sizzle

    It’s hard to know with kids that age but at least you have photographic evidence. And now she is crying because she wants to go. Moms can’t win. :-)

  • Elda

    Some kids just LOVE school and live for it — sounds like BUG is one of them. My oldest daughter loves school. So much that she is bummed when the weekend is here. LOL

  • BeachMama

    Awesome. Sounds to me like Bug is a typical preschooler. One day they love it then next they don’t. As much as I think kids go to school too young (Junior Kindergarten at 4yrs here). I know that J benefited from his one day a week at preschool And it was only 2.5 hours! He also loved it and it made going to real school so much easier for him. I, on the other hand, cried for three weeks in a row after dropping him off, then morning sickness kicked in and I was thankful for that time alone.

  • Jennifer

    HA! I love it. You are soooo lucky that you had a friend taking pictures and observing for you. I would have paid good money for that kind of documentation when we were trudging through preschool back in the day with Emily :)

    I had a feeling that Bug would warm up to school. She’s such a well rounded little girl. I love how outgoing and fun loving she is.

    I’m sure you’ll have you ups and downs but at least you know that there are good days at preschool.

  • bethany actually

    Uh, I just now remembered that I meant to come back and comment on this post 12 hours ago.

    The photos are great because next week if she’s getting teary, you can say, “Remember how much fun you had last week?” and show her the photos!

  • kim

    My son used to cry on the way to school because he didn’t want to leave me, and on the way home because he didn’t want to leave school. Every time he transitioned to a new school or even a new classroom it would start again. I thought for sure it would happen at the beginning of kindergarten, but he told me beforehand that you don’t cry in kindergarten because it doesn’t work. No tears.

  • Rebecca (Bearca)

    So cute. It’s such a relief to know that she’s having the time of her life, isn’t it? Those kids… they will put on a big show for you! I know my little boy did that too, but the teacher always told me that two minutes after I left that he was fine and would run off and have a great time.

  • Angelique

    I think she would’ve made an awesome home schooler, but I’m glad that what’s working for you guys is definitely working. Happy all around! Cheers, Bug.

    SAJ says: I don’t think I will homeschool exclusively (I don’t want to pass on my distaste for math!) but I definitely believe in the concept of giving kids the tools and resources they need to learn at home. I’m going to be doing that as much as I can.