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My Little Chatterbox

all boxed up

It’s good to have Toby back so now we can get back to our normal routine around here. HA ha hahahahah! What normal routine? Just kidding. It is really good to have him back though.

I don’t think Baby Bug has shut up for one minute since he has been home. I think she saved up every bit of information that happened over the two-week span that he was gone and is now trying to tell him all about everything. When she catches her breath and forgets what she was talking about, she’ll just start rattling off about whatever she sees. (I wonder where she gets that from?)

“Daddy. Did you know that the light is bright? See the light? See the light?! That light up there on the ceiling? And the heater, it has polkadots on it. It’s warm and cozy. I like to sit by it when I’m cold. And Pouncy-wounce, he is the cat. I lub Pouncy-wounce. He had the sneezy-sneezes… He had to go to the cat doctor and get a bandaid.” etc. etc. etc.

And on and on and on she goes until she falls asleep mid-sentence. I love that she is a chatterbox but it just cracks me up sometimes. I remember driving around in the car with her and talking to her non-stop when she was little little. She would just look at me and suck away on her pacifier and I would wonder what it would be like to have her talk back to me someday. Well, I wonder no more. Now I can hardly get a word in edgewise.

If I do interrupt her, she furrows her eyebrows at me and glares at me as if to say, “Mommy you’re getting me off track. Please be quiet so I can finish my train of thought.” If I ignore her (which I often do since her chatter is so endless it can blend in like white noise after a while) she will poke me and yell, “Mommy! Hear me!”

Oh, my little dear child with the voice of a very large lion.

Toby is finding it all very charming. But then he’s only been home for a day. I give him a week and he’ll closing his office door again. It’s kind of hard to get work done when you have a running commentary going on all day long. Good thing we’re heading out to the sticks on Thursday to get ready for my nieces tenth birthday party. I think by then Toby might need a little break!

Flashlight from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

Here’s a little taste… though she toned it down a bit for the camera. Also, I apologize for the wobbliness. Bad camera holding. I know.


  • Kuky

    Hee hee, that was cute! I especially like the end where she says “let me turn my flashlight off”. Did she actually turn it off? Isabelle never turns the flashlight off. Ever ever ever. We just find it lying around all weak and fading.

  • Gingermog

    Good morning, what a lovely film to wake up to :) Toby look’s a bit tired but he’s being a trooper. These film’s are great you know, something special for Bug to look back on when she’s older. Bug talk’s so well for almost 2 and half or maybe my boy nephews were late speakers?

    P.s. I don’t know why but I’m always a little surprised when I hear blogger speak :)

  • OMSH

    This is adorable! Emelie used to talk me to sleep. Meredith didn’t talk so much as touch. She ALWAYS had to be touching. Sometimes I actually thought I might get sore from being touched so much. Then Kenny came along and I knew that one COULD get sore from being touched so much.

    Made me feel sorry for all those babies that never get a chance to lay down and stretch because someone is always passing them around.

  • BeachMama

    Ok, so first, I almost cried at the photo of Toby in the Box with BB in her box. For two reasons, one you have Toby back with you and two, it is just the happiest photo ever. Such Joy on both their faces is priceless.

    So, second. The movie is just too cute. J used to talk like that. And we were all proud and smiles. Now at 4.5 years old he talks non-stop all day long. If he stops talking we wonder what is wrong with him. It is so my fault because, I talk a lot. I mean A LOT. But, J beats me hands down. Be prepared. Soon you will be saying “Please just stop talking for one minute so Daddy and I can talk?”

  • Tina

    I remember doing the same thing with my first born son…chatting with him in the car, pointing out things, teaching words. And now he’s almost 5, and often does the running commentary. The one good thing is HE’S doing that for his brother now. I think. I’ve ended up wtih two kids who are chatterboxes. I value my alone drive time SO MUCH MORE!

  • LostinPlace Kim

    That is so adorable. I love coming to your site and seeing the adorable stuff I have to look forward to! (And even the stuff that I don’t look all that forward to, it reminds me I’m not alone in the battle that is motherhood!)

  • Red Sonja

    I love her little voice and the fact that even though Toby is tired – you’ve just got to stop and drink her in. Thanks for sharing!!

  • kat

    she’s so precious! what a treat its been to catch glimpses of her growing up right before our eyes. and to catch daddy in on the action too….that’s something you and toby will treasure for years to come.

  • Krystal

    I have to say that your daughter is not just cute, she is infectiously, outstandingly, overwhelmingly adorable. How can you even STAND it?? She is pure sunshine. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures, and nice job on Sizzle’s avatar. :)

  • jonniker

    I love that kid. My favorite part of the video is when you remind her that no no, now we’re hanging out with Daddy and she runs back, “Daddy! Daddy!” as if she just remembered he was there.

  • Susan

    Greatest video ever.
    I used to carry a flashlight around at her age and the shining light part I called Tinkerbell…and I would say to anyone listening”Where’s tinkerbell?” Where where where?”…aww memories..lol

  • Jamie

    What I would give to be able to hang out with such a cool cat all day long! She is absolutely, 100%, precious! Love the pigtail nubbies, too. :)

  • Michelle

    She is so darn cute! Our favorite part is when she says, “It’s not a monster, just a pet!”. Brenda, you are so lucky :o)

  • Jean

    It so does not get any cuter then that… What a blessing.. Not to mention that Toby is a hunk.

  • Beth B.

    oh my gosh; how cute is that! love the diaper-butt and her crocs!! she is a busy bee huh!! and i can just imagine that going on all day long too! what a cutie. thanks for sharing and making me smile as i reminisce about my son at that stage (only a few years ago)….. he’s nearly 5 now but STILL runs around, talks a lot, and loves to play with flashlights. :-)

  • Calee

    That was such a cute video. I can’t wait until there are actual words around here and not just “ooh” and “dat.”

    My favorite part of your post is the photo. It reminds me of how cats always sit in boxes, but this time it’s Toby and Bug!

  • knitterykate

    That was sooooo cute! I loved it! Her and her “fwashli” All that girl needs is a prop and she’s ready to act.

  • Britt

    Absolutely adorable!

    I can’t wait until the toddler slur and gibberish morphs into actual conversation, I am jealous!

  • Kaili

    HOLY cuteness! I LOVE her voice! And SO not in a creepy way it was neat to hear you too! Hi!
    Happy you are all a happy family again!

  • Marie

    New reader. Just wanted to say your daughter is so adorable! And also love your graphics! Sizzle’s graphic in her header is just really cute. :)

  • Em

    I love when she goes “MOMMY!” and runs back over to you. She seems overwhelmed with ideas! I love that phase.