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    vanity, all is vanity

    Princess Bug

    I was going to write a post about how great it is to have a girl. How I love having tea parties and playing fairy princess with her in the park. Something light and fluffy about how we made flower-chain crowns that sent me down memory lane but then I started looking at my photos.

    Princess B

    I realized that while I was vainly ogling myself for the perfect self portrait, Baby Bug is wandering off to Starbucks or something. Um, Brenda? That’s a great shot of you hiding your double chin but there could be a bloodthirsty mountain lion hiding over there behind a tree or a kidnapper just waiting to swoop her up. Wake up, Princess Gray Hair, and rescue your child!

    You’ll be relieved to know that Baby Bug is safely tucked in bed as I write this. OF COURSE! Or else I wouldn’t be writing it. But still. Maybe I need to work on my vanity a little. My many aunts (who, by the way, are totally the ones who taught me how to make daisy chains!!!!) are shaking their heads right now. I did listen to their many lectures on the subject of vanity, I just didn’t learn much.