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    rolly polly tummy

    Everybody, meet Charcoal. Charcoal, meet everybody.

    Charcoal says hi.

    Charcoal is the little black kitten that Baby Bug and I are “kitten-sitting” for two weeks or so. I don’t know what I’m thinking…well, I do. I know exactly what I’m thinking. I’m thinking that it would be really fun to have a kitten around but not have the responsibility of FOUR cats. We already have three cats. We cannot have another cat. So how about we just take care of him for a little while and then give him back.

    Yeah! That sounds like a great plan!

    Toby thinks it’s hard on the kitten to adjust to more than one household in his young life but I think Charcoal is adjusting just fine. Compared to the life he would have had living under a trailer with forty-nine other feral cats, I think his life is great.

    life is good

    What I was really thinking is, a kitten would be super fun for Baby Bug. She plays with Pounce all day long as it is. Maybe Pounce could have a break from getting mauled and chased and being forced to drink pretend tea all the time if there was somebody younger and friskier to play with.

    BB and her kitty

    all claws and teeth

    The plan is working pretty well. The kitten LOVES to play. In fact the only hitch in the plan is that the kitten loves to play with everything, including little toddler toes. Baby Bug does not like the kitten biting her toes. It’s a bit of a problem. So far we are solving this by teaching Baby Bug to stomp her feet and then run like mad to safety of the couch. Thankfully the toe-biting usually doesn’t last that long because kittens sleep a lot.

    close up

    In two weeks or so we will take Charcoal back to my mom’s and she will either find a home for him or get him fixed and release him back into the neighborhood. I’m not really sure on that part. There are a lot of feral cats in her neighborhood and she’s trying to help them but it gets expensive.

    on the prowl

    What you are supposed to do when feral cats are a problem is: catch them, get them fixed and then release them back into the neighborhood so more feral cats don’t move in. But so far my mom seems to be keeping most of the cats she catches. My mom has a weakness when it comes to cats.

    his blackness

    But then so do I. Even though I hate how much the three cats we already have completely destroy our house in three days or less, I’m secretly hoping Toby falls in love with Charcoal and we get to keep him forever.