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New Purse Alert!

I might dress like a slob but check out my new purse!

Hey! Look I got a new purse from Bloom Works on Etsy! Not the heaviest of blog subjects but after yesterday’s stink bomb, I am happy to put up anything. ANYTHING!!! I love my new purse. It seems to be just the right size and I love the springy orange color.

I have a lot of trouble with purses because I have extremely narrow shoulders and the straps always fall off. There is nothing worse than trying to hold your toddler’s hand, a cup of coffee, steer the stroller (that the toddler is not in) AND have your purse strap keep falling off. Maybe your cell phone is ringing too and you’re trying to cross the street at a cross walk where cars do not always stop for you. That would be me on a regular day of momming.

I need a purse that works for me. Forget fancy buckles and tassels and little pockets for your cell phone. None of that matters to me. I only care about the straps. The best purse I ever had had two very thin braided straps. Those suckers held onto my shoulders tight. It was great. But then, of course, I wore that purse every day for about ten years and the straps frayed and the purse got a scuff hole on the bottom. That poor purse, it went to the moon and back for me.

she is such a better model than I am

I’m hoping this one does it for me too. So far so good but it’s only been two days.


  • Gramma

    Orange is my very favorite wrong color…but, it seems to the in thing this year. I guess I’ll stick with my summer pastels. I like the idea of your new purse anyway.

  • Faith

    I Love THIS!! Especially on the mini model…

    I usually try to stay away from Orange, but this is really a soothing one it must be that lovely print on there.

    And thanks for making me look at ETSY again. I have my stuff up there not selling and all…but keep buying really cute stuff for gifts, and for myself. I can’t quit that place!!

  • Katie

    I SO LOVE your new orange bag! Orange is such a happy color! I love it! Naturally, I jumped right over to that Etsy vendor to buy a replica, and there isn’t one. Woe is me.

  • bluejaye

    Great style. I think I’ll make a few this week. What a great way to use up my copious fabric stash. That will make the old man happy if I could tidy my craft area and all.

    Is it the color or the size that is so great?

  • Kuky

    That’s a lovely purse. I love the fabric. And I’m really attracted to orange right now. I almost bought a orange dress at Target. I’ve seen it at three different Targets the past how many weeks now. But I decided against buying it. Now seeing your purse I really want it again.

  • Deidre

    SAJ – I love that bag! It’s so fun! I have really narrow shoulders too; I’ve never found a bag [I am can’t force myself to say the p-word, is that weird?] that really works for me – so I always use messenger bags; but your new bag is fab!

  • Stacy

    I love your bag! I’m like Deidre, I don’t use the “p” word either.

    Personally, I’m entranced by Moose-A-Moose and Zee playing “which is longer” in the background.

  • Kaili

    I too HATE HATE HATE when purse straps fall. Geesh don’t they know you have far better things to deal with than them always falling! Grrr!
    Cute purse!

  • Jen O.

    So cute! Love the colours!

    I used to use purses. But then I realized that I hated purses more than anything and now I do whatever I can to avoid them. I now exclusively use messenger bags. I have an awesome one right now by Bagman. It’s so durable I could drag it behind my car and it would still be as good as new. And if something does happen to it, every bag comes with a warranty, so they will replace it.

    Love messenger bags. But I also love your new purse.

  • Elizabeth

    I love it. I know what you mean about dragging everything around. Right now, I have my money in my coat pocket because I’m constantly with diaper bag.
    I could go for something new, though! The orange with blue jeans looks great.
    And I love seeing you in a tank top and sandals… it’s so darn cold here, I wish it would get warm already!

  • Joy

    Love the bag. I have trouble with shoulder straps too. Timbuk2 seems to do pretty well with this. I got a purse there that had rubber on the shoulder straps and they hung on like crazy. Well, until it fell apart from carrying around too much crap.

  • Lady S

    I have terribly rounded narrow shoulders and purses always fall off. I used to carry across the body bags, but they almost always accentuate my boobies. I like the 2 strap Vera Bradley tote I got for my birthday, but one strap bags are best.