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    Party On!


    Here’s something I haven’t done in a while, an illo! Remember the good old days when I used to draw silly little cartoons all the time? Sigh…Those were the golden oldies. Maybe those days will come back again when Baby Bug is in school or something.

    Anyway, this illustration is actually for an invitation for my niece’s tenth birthday party that is coming up in May. She is getting so big. My sister-in-law, CC, is planning an under-the-sea party for her and I am very excited about it. As you know under-the-sea parties can be quite fun.

    We still have all the decorations left over from that baby shower we did way back in 2006 so we are dragging them out of the great storage shed that is my mom’s house and recycling! My niece doesn’t mind a recycled party idea at all. CC is doing all the work this time though. I’m just in charge of invitations and maybe a pin-the-tail-on-the-mermaid-game or something fun like that.

    mermaid invite

    I decided (and I got CC’s okay) that I will share with you guys. Yay! Free stuff! Maybe somebody out there needs an under-the-sea party invitation? Today is your lucky day! You can download a free pdf here. I’m also thinking of putting some up in my etsy shop later if anybody doesn’t want to print them out on their home printer because it is out of toner AGAIN or something. (Don’t you hate that? Toner is such a scam.)

    party girl

    This also made me think of another idea. What if we had a party-planning problem write-in day? You could send me an email about a party that you are planning and I will blog about it. Maybe I’ll come up with some ideas for those of you who need them. Maybe now and then I’ll make a free downloadable invite. Then we can get readers’ ideas too. How fun will that be?!! Almost as fun as Hair Thursdays except for people like me who forget about doing their hair in the morning because they are off and running with some other hair-brained (pun intended) idea.

    I just haven’t thought of a good name for this hair-brained idea. I don’t think it’s something I can do every week, so I don’t need a name that goes with a day like “Soiree Sunday” or anything (though that does have a nice ring to it). Anybody have any ideas? Feel free to chime in with under-the-sea ideas too. It’ll be a group effort!