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Here Fishy Fishy!


We’ve been up to our old tricks around here. Aren’t you glad to get back to the regularly scheduled programming? No? Drama is more interesting? Well, for us plain old ordinary crafting is muuuuuuch nicer.

Baby Bug and I painted an elaborate “under water” painting back when the window guys were inhabiting our living room. It was fun but I got tired of a giant piece of paper sitting around getting dusty so I “repurposed” it.

shaking the glitter

I cut out the fish and let Baby Bug have at it with the glitter—a new addition to our giant basket of craft supplies. Glitter is fun! Almost as fun as shaking salt on Mommy’s laptop. (Yeah, she did that the other day. Now my typing is a little bit… gritty.)

You’d think glitter would be a big mess but it wasn’t really. Sure it got everywhere but it’s pretty easy to scrape up and put back into a container. The colors are all mixed up but we just do like the coffee shops do and call it the “daily special”. The rest will get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner when I get it out one of these days. In mean time we have “sparkly feet”. It’s all the rage.

fish cards!

They turned out kind of cute I think. The kicker was the googlie eyes though. I think every crafting mom should add googlie eyes to their supply list. My fish drawings were “meh” before but now they are FUN and staring at you with their BIG BIG BIG eyes. They’re saying, “I seeeeeeeeee you!”

bubble eyed fish

Or they could be saying something else like, “I’m very busy going this way and that…” which now that I think of it would be a good note to write to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Note writing is such a lost art. I need to do it more.

here fishy fishy

Then I packaged them up and took pictures and was all ready to list a pack of five in my etsy shop but Bethany Actually pounced on them! She’s always up in my business like that. Just kidding! We do keep pretty good tabs on each other’s craftiness though. She’s always making things for me and I think this is her way of easing my conscience for always being the “taker”. Finally, something I can make for her!

We’re going to do a trade. She’s going to make me a crocheted chocolate bunny purse (that I get to design). I think I’m getting a way better deal though.