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Halfway through our 2.5 weeks without Toby

eating yesterday's cupcake

When the cats away… we play! How long has Toby been gone now? A week? Are we missing him? Oh yes. But we’re also having a lot of fun. It’s nice to be able to make noise in the house any old hour of the day and not have to worry about interfering with a major deadline going down in Toby’s back-room office.


I’ve even been able to take a shower while Baby Bug was awake! Imagine that!! She actually ran around the house and played, alternating with watching Noggin of course. But instead of tears at the shower door or some unexpected disaster like vaseline smeared all over herself or toilet-papering the living room, I’ve found her happy as a clam sitting on the couch watching her beloved Oswald.

reading stories

My mom has been here these last few days and that has been great. Nothing like some quality Gramma time. I even broke out the paints which I haven’t done since August! I think it’s the weather. Nice weather makes me want to sit on the patio and paint.


I finished one old one that I’m on the fence about. I think I like it. But of course I get hung up on how imperfect it is. Limbs bending ways they shouldn’t. Shadows where they wouldn’t naturally fall… but I can’t think too hard about paintings or they start not being fun anymore and turn into work. I have enough work in my life I don’t need to make a fun hobby into “work” too.

a painting

I’ll have to re-shoot it tomorrow in less orange light. The sun was setting and while I usually love photos during this time, I think it doesn’t really show the color very well. Too orange! But anyway… if you guys like it (and be honest) maybe I’ll list it on etsy. Or maybe I’ll list it even if you don’t.

could it work?

I’m thinking it might work as part of a bunch of other paintings. Smaller. I tried to fit it in this wall but there were no square frames to photoshop it onto so use your imagination and imagine it smaller! Five inches by five inches to be exact!

I also painted the under layers for four other paintings so I’m on a roll. Toby can stay away for another month and I’ll have a few masterpieces. Just kidding! We are missing him quite a bit.

Just the other day Baby Bug said out of the blue, “I want to write Daddy a note”. “A note? I asked, ready to break out the pen and card stock because Toby is certainly missing her and a note might be just the thing. But she never answered me. She was off and chasing the cat or something. It was a sweet thought. We still have another week to go so maybe we’ll get that note out of her one of these days.


  • Kuky

    I can always see the imperfections in my work that other people wouldn’t. I’m positive that we look at your painting and don’t see what you’re talking about. And I always draw limbs bending all crazy ways! It’s art, not a photograph so draw extra limbs if you want! :-D

  • K

    I love the painting. I actually think it looks great that her arm shouldn’t necessarily bend that way… adds a little something else to the picture I think.

  • Nix

    The picture is precious. I love the look of abandon on her face. I hope the next week is as good as this one was.

  • SmockLady

    I like that painting, but my favorite one is still the dark blue one with the coyotes howling and the little twinkling lights (stars) poking through.

  • bluejaye

    I think she is beautiful. I had to go back to find a flaw…couldn’t.

    We all are our own worst critic. I tore your gloves out because a couple of cables were twisted the wrong way. You might not have noticed, but they were screaming at me.

    Being obsessed about our arts and crafts gives us one aspect of our lives that we can control. When everything else can be so out of control we know we can have this one small thing be just the way we want it to be…..or else.

    I’m going to control socks today. Can you imagine wearing fancy alpaca socks?
    Then tea time with the ETSY ladies. Better get my chores done so I can earn this great reward of chatting with fellow crafts and business women.

  • Erin

    I love the paining. It’s lovely – and it actually reminds me of Whoorl playing her new guitar:) It should definitely be listed on etsy!

  • JennB

    I’m always amazed at how crafty and creative you and the Bug are…. it’s a wonderful thing that you do with her, and it’s very inspiring for those of us who have given up to the wonders of television! You are so creative, you should write a book on crafting with your kids (especially for those moms and dads who have NO creativity in their bones!)

  • pinky

    I love Oswald – the baby has nothing to do with it :-)

    (I wish they were still making episodes and toys – I found some plush Oswalds on ebay but I’m not paying ebay prices to give my boy or myself a cute octopus)

    and I love that pink Julius t-shirt on baby bug!

    Sir Sleepy says hello – well, if he could talk he would definitely say hello. Heh.

  • Jummy

    That is a very cool looking wall of art and I like your painting…it makes me think of Italy for some reason.

    It must be so cool to live with a little person who thinks and says the darndest things (and who is too cute for words!).

  • Nicole I

    love the painting…love love love the blue “art” wall…is it yours?!

    SAJ says: No… I wish. It’s a furniture showroom that I walk by often. I shot it through their window and then photoshopped my printing on the wall to see how it would look next to other legit art.

  • Amy

    It is beautiful. I agree, we are too hard on ourselves when judging our own work. Baby Bug’s t-shirts are as adorable as she!

  • Susan

    I love your painting. The imperfections make it perfect if that makes sense. The color is great.
    BB can not get any sweeter!

  • gingermog

    Gosh you look like you’ve been having fun. Is that a wall on your house? Ah just read your comments. Clever idea! Beautiful colbalt blue.

    What paint are you using for your paintings? Is it acrylic or oil? When I go to New York I load up on supplies (I shiver in my shoes for the day customs decide to open up my case and asks me why I bringing bars of purple plasticine into the country) at Pearl Paint , I think they do delivery, although maybe shipping from coast to coast would cost a mint?