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Hawaii Day Five: Green Curry and “Swimming”

green curry.....

This might be kind of sad and pathetic to admit but you know what the highlight of day five was for me? Finding a Thai restaurant and ordering some green curry. Sure, I know we have Thai restaurants all over Orange County and I could probably even find some green curry within walking distance of my house… BUT when we are at home I usually cook and we don’t order take-out much. Also, Toby does not like curry. So that means I don’t have it much.

I LOVE green curry. I know it isn’t the prettiest dish to look at but it is yummy! Basil, bamboo sprouts, slightly spicy curry mixed with sweet coconut milk. Mmmmm! I could probably do without the cabbage but it doesn’t really harm the dish. I probably need the fiber anyway.

chicken satay deconstructed (by Baby Bug)

Baby Bug had chicken satay and even ate it! I was surprised since peanuts are sort of iffy since she went her whole first year without eating them. Getting her to eat anything while on vacation has been challenging. I think she’s been existing on goldfish crackers and Nemo gummy treats alone. She must get her energy out of the air or something.

Thai iced tea

Of course I had a Thai iced tea. That’s sort of a prerequisite. I was very happy indeed… until Baby Bug decided to dump my ice water down her front. Sometimes because I want to eat and not listen to the endless stream of “I want…I want…I want…” I let her do things like play with the ice cubes in my drinking water. Thankfully, we were dining outside and the dress code here is very casual so I stripped off her overalls and let her finish the rest of her dinner in her diaper.

THEN she decided she wanted to go potty and take her diaper off. This is a fun game we play at home as we run to the baby-potty but in a restaurant before I’ve paid the check, it’s a whole other story. Not to mention I didn’t even know where the restroom was. Somehow we made it through that little adventure and I’m just glad to say that the owners of the little Thai restaurant are very kind and understanding. I left them a big tip.

retaining wall park

My next highlight of the day would be following Baby Bug around. She definitely has her own ideas about what we should do and where we should go. Most of her plans involve finding the sand or the water. Or both.

going her own way

tide pool

Some of her “tours” have lead us to some pretty amazing spots.


Some of them have lead us to precarious places where I had to extract her screaming and kicking because I was afraid a crab or a sharp shell might hurt her.

some ting ober dere!

Baby Bug’s favorite place to be has got to be the pool. I think she could hang out there all day long. Which would be fine with me except I am so afraid of her dunking herself that I have to hover over her like a hawk. This means I’m getting my daily work-out because she likes to go from the kiddie pool to the big people pool and back again, over and over and over. Phew! It’s tiring!

smiley pool girl

Sometimes she’ll take a side trip through the open air bar right next to the pool which tempts me to order a mai tai while I’m cruising through. But I don’t because I’m supposed to be watching Baby Bug like a hawk and I need my wits about me.

You’d think that the bar patrons might be annoyed that a wet baby keeps running past them over and over but so far most of people I’ve come across here have been super nice. I think the warm temperatures and the endless ocean on the horizon just mellows everyone out.


So yeah. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool “swimming”. Which is technically not really swimming but standing on the step talking about swimming or me running after Baby Bug telling her not to run and talking about swimming at the same time. Good times, I tell you. If it wasn’t for the warm temperature and the endless ocean, I think I might have lost my mind by now.


  • Jamie

    Looks like you’re still having a great time,just hanging out and exploring. It’s really funny to see some of your pics especially the ones from downtown everything looks so familiar to me. Oh and those red stairs and the chruch.I miss it and can’t wait for our second trip in May.Enjoy thr rest of your time there and thanks so much for the updates. : )

  • cc

    Give that little Bug a tickle for me. Shawn and I are really enjoying the updates. Yes, he is reading your posts. I tell him you updated and he goes and reads it. He even reads it, before, going to Flickr to see photos of the girls. I think he misses you guys as much as he misses us.


  • jac

    yeah well, i’m still jealous. green curry, a beautiful healthy baby girl, and paradise. what else IS there? i love your posts. i’m kinda living vicariously through you.

  • Melissa

    Oh the pictures of her toes in the water? Absolutely precious. Believe me, my son is 14 and wears a size 15 shoe…his toes haven’t been that adorable in many many years! Enjoy Kona…making me miss it and wishing I had a little one to take with me the next time I go.

  • Annabanana

    Sounds grand.
    This makes me a little fearful of our planned Mexico trip. I can just see both kids running different directions. Fun.
    You seem to be holding up…I think the ocean and warmth would help me too.
    BTW it is freaking snowing here again! Aaaaaagghhhh…………………..

    So, thank you for this little get away, it warmed me up….a bit:)

  • Oopsy Daisy

    What a beautiful place! I think I need a dose of hawaii right about now.

    ur green curry looks different here. At all the Thai places here in Indianapolis it comes in a bowl and beef, babmo shoots, green beans, basil leaves and what ever else floats in a bowl of thai spices and coconut milk. It’s very yummy. I think Red curry is my fav though. I LOVE thai food.

    Baby Bug is so cute running around Hawaii! Thanks fo sharing her adventures with us.

  • ninabi

    All this fun and blogging, too? I don’t know how you find the time but SAJ, I have been having a blast reading about your trip. The pictures are beautiful and I just loved seeing BB in the cute hat the other day.
    Thanks for bringing your readers along on the adventure.

  • Michelle

    I just love Baby Bug’s “junk in the trunk” picture :o) Babies in swimsuits with a swim diaper on are the cutest thing EVAH! It’s looks beautiful there, and it makes me want to go back…we honeymooned in Maui :o)

  • EllenW

    As a mother of a two year old I share your frustration about BB not eating much of anything. My son is the same way; it is annoying after you order a $9 grilled chese and fries at the hotel only to have him eat a quarter of the sandwich.

    Loving all of the tropical pictures – we went to Maui for our honeymoon.

  • jo

    Looks gorgeous!
    Why don’t you get bug some floaties (do they use those in the US? Infatable things that go on your upper arms) so she can actually go swimming with you without so much worry? Or one of those floatation vests for kiddies? It would reduce the anxiety levels somewhat I’m sure : )

  • BeachMama

    Keep those fabulous warm photos coming, they are keeping me going let me tell you. And my fave has to be the little tiny feet in the water. Scrumptious. Glad you are enjoying the pool.

  • DeeJay

    Yeah, you almost lost your mind huh? Well the way I see that….if you lost your mind over there in Hawaii and managed to be put away in your own room for eternity then your room more than likely would have a great view…right? Would that be too bad? lol

    When my kids were little I really did feel as if I could very easily go over the edge. Did I mention I was a single mom for a very long time? Yep. Trying to do the right thing and keep it all together is very stressful. I’d never do that again on purpose. Too hard!

    Alas, the kids are grown and happy, I have the most wonderful Lawn Boy for a husband and the worlds sweetest Grand Girl. It all worked out okay after all. ; )

  • Joy at JoysThaiFood

    I want a little bug too! :P I liked your photos of Hawaii. I haven’t been there but my husband tells me we will go someday. Now we in Thailand. Maybe we have bug first and then go Hawaii? Good to know there is Thai food in Hawaii. I wonder can I open a restaurant there? :) Joy

  • Mike

    Cute pictures in the sun. It is nasty cold, this Easter, in Canada. As an English teacher, it is nice to see someone correctly using quotation marks to cast doubt on the appropriateness of a word (“swimming”) rather than incorrectly using them as emphasis. Someone hates that “emphasis misuse” so badly that she made a blog for people to send in pictures of signs with quotation marks used “correctly.” http://quotation-marks.blogspot.com/

  • ~aj~

    How could people not be happy about being around that cutie patootie in the pink bikini? She just gets cuter and cuter!!!

  • The Chatty Housewife

    Green is my favorite, and our favorite Thai place here makes it up here with bamboo shoots (light on those for me…) green baby peas, basil, green peppers and chicken. There might be other things in there that I can’t remember right now, but it is the perfect mix. I like it spicy, with brown rice and peanut sauce. I love Thai iced tea too! Reading your post was making me salivate… and it’s 11:30 pm- not good!

  • carrien

    We spend all summer next to the pool, since we’re lucky enough to have a few where we live. I have one word


    Get thee to a store and purchase some little water wings for her forthwith. Or those little speedo swimsuits with the floaties that zip in. The water wings are cheaper though. It takes the edge off that watching like a hawk thing, because even if she does fall in, she won’t sink, she may even like it and then you’ll have a swimmer.

    It looks gorgeous there and Baby Bug looks edible as always. Thanks for sharing.