Beach Bits,  Bug

Letters from the Beach

beach letters!

Here’s a fun game Baby Bug and I made for all the other little kids who are learning their letters too.

I’m putting it on another page because it’s a pretty big file and I’m worried about a 26 page slide show taking down my main page. Who knows if it will work. If it does you can go thank my good friends the Stranahans who host this website for me. If it doesn’t, well then don’t say anything because they are super nice to me (as in this site is hosted for FREE!!!!).

While I’m plugging my good friends the Stranahans, you might want to check out Lee’s super funny political movies while you are there. He’s quite famous these days.

The opinions expressed in his movies are not necessarily those of this blog writer…bla bla bla. I’m just not going there. But they are funny, I’ll say that.