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    Hello Beach!


    Today the sun came out. We haven’t been to the beach (our beach) since before we left for vacation. It’s been calling to me, saying, “Come and see me! I’m changing colors and you are not here to record it. Do you not love me anymore?” But every day has been cold and wet and before I know it, too dark to be walking around.

    SO TODAY we went! Today we visited our friend the beach and it was good.

    so happy, it's contagious

    the sun feels good

    The sun felt so good I was glad we skipped our morning cartoons. I didn’t care that I didn’t take time to pick up every single toy off the floor before we rushed out. I didn’t even care that I was wearing the same clothes I slept in and wore the day before. Disgusting I know but well… I have no excuse. I just know I feel a lot better about making excuses for my slovenliness than I do about making excuses for living at the beach and not visiting the beach.

    digger bug

    "blowing out the candles"

    We built some castles and made a sand cake. Baby Bug is really into birthdays. She’s been singing “Happy Birthday” since her cousin’s birthday in November. We are all quite familiar with the “blowing out the candles” routine. So that was kinda fun to do with sand. We should be very very good at it by the time we have a real cake next Wednesday.

    just another magic day at the beach

    It was just really really nice. Baby Bug was having so much fun digging and being free, she could have stayed there for hours. I actually found myself taking pictures of my shoes and grains of sand just to keep myself occupied. I didn’t want to rush her home when she was having so much fun. I should have brought a book and let her play and play and play.

    Now that it’s gray and cold again, I’m thinking I should have just laid there on the sand and taken a little half nap (you know with one eye open on Baby Bug of course). Who knows when it will be pretty like this again. The water was so clear and glassy. That hardly ever happens after a big rain storm. Usually it’s muddy and brown.

    Who knows. I’m just glad I was there to record it.

    an N (backwards)

    And Baby Bug is just glad she had some space to practice her secret ninja sword stick moves.

    We love the beach.


    Kiss kiss.

    (more pictures here)