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    Where’d my window go?

    where'd my window go?

    My window fell out of its hole last night. That sounds funny. But that is what happened. At 3 a.m. I woke with a terrible fright to the sound of five glass chandeliers falling onto cement. It was so loud. It was like a glass splat sound. Except there weren’t any chandeliers. It was my actual window falling out of its frame and breaking into a million pieces on the cement below.

    What is it with us and shattering glass? Is it Toby’s smashing personality?

    Maybe. It was Toby opening the window for a late-night smoke break that caused the sudden crash. It wasn’t his fault, it just happened. Our house is really really old and the window panes don’t really fit. I never knew they would fall out though. How many times has Baby Bug climbed up on that very same window and leaned all her weight on the glass?


    looking out the window

    Hundreds of times! It could have been Baby Bug plunging from the second story down to the cement below. I am totally freaked out about how many times I let her climb up to watch the trash truck going by or sing songs to the moon. We loved our window time. Phew. Not anymore.

    Now we have no window. And to make matters worse, as Toby was downstairs sweeping up the shards of glass (so nobody got hurt) our neighbors called the cops on us. I can’t really blame them. It was three in the morning and maybe it sounded like we were having a raucous party or something but it was kind of a drag for Toby who has not been having a very good week. He was tired. He’d been up working all night and was just about to smoke his last cigarette and go to bed.

    Then all this happens. But before the comments turn into a “Toby should quit smoking anyway” party, I want to let you know that he is trying. He has been trying for a while and I don’t want to give him any flack. Nobody wants Toby to quit smoking more than Toby wants to quit smoking. So let’s just not dwell on that subject. It’s a bit of a sore spot.

    So now what? Well I guess we’re going to get a new window. Maybe one that fits this time! Toby’s been researching everything there is to know about windows on the internet and he might have figured out a way to make our house warmer and less noisy. So maybe in the end this will be a blessing in disguise. Because let me tell you first hand, our house is NOT warm or quiet. It is anything but.