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    The Official Gumball Takes Over the World KIT!!!

    the new GUMBALL KIT!!!

    Since I haven’t had any birthday parties to put all my energy into, I’ve funneled some of my excess brain snappage into some packaging for a Gumball Takes Over the World Kit. Now everyone can play along! Put away your iron and heat-transfer paper, I’ve done it for you!

    directions for world domination

    I think my next project will be ordering some Gumball t-shirts. I haven’t come up with a Secret Agent Josephine design that I can stick with longer than a month so I think when I make the big jump into screen printing (read: pay someone to screen print for me) it will be with Gumball. The front will be his cute little mug and the back will be his butt and the daring “kiss my asterisk” slogan. I know some of my relatives will raise their eyebrows and shake their head that I’ve slipped over to the dark side but I can’t help it. I think it’s funny and I’m keeping it real.

    Which by the way is totally Toby’s fault. He’s the one who told me to put an asterisk on Gumball’s butt. Brilliant, no? This also comes from the guy who photoshopped my butt into an animated giff one day to shut me up when I was complaining that I needed to lose some weight. (Read this post to get the whole story). I’m going to start a category called “Toby humor” just so you can see why I keep him around…

    kid tested and approved

    That and the fact that he gave my little girl the prettiest eyes in the whole wide world. She may have gotten my color but the shape and the wide-set-ness is all him. From her nose up she looks like Toby. From the nose down she’s me. Poor kid. She’s got my round face and chin and will probably grow up to have my jowls and a double chin too.

    telling me something important about Gumball

    Anyway, this post is not about genetics, it’s about GUMBALL!!! I took the photo above so you can see that Gumball has been kid tested and approved! I don’t know if the heat-transfer paper is safe for teething on but Gumball as a toy, is safe and great for throwing.

    not all gumballs are created equal

    As far sewing goes, these may not be seamstress approved. He is a “lumpy pillow” after all. So he’s not perfect. I just thought I’d warn you before you rushed off to my Etsy Shop to buy yourself one. If you want a perfect Gumball you’re probably better off downloading your own pdf and making your own.

    ALSO! One more thing: I’ve got some valentines up my sleeve that I’m printing for my Etsy Shop. So if you’re thinking of shopping, you might want to hold off until next week.