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Every day is a birthday… when you’re TWO!

polka dot cupcakes

It seems like every other day we are eating cupcakes. I’ve often thought about this phenomenon as I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake. There always seems to be some reason that I HAVE to break my no-sugar rule and just eat one more cupcake. Come on! How often is it somebody’s birthday?

Well…The truth is it’s somebody’s birthday or anniversary or just-had-a-baby day or something EVERY DAY!!!! So I guess I’m just not meant to be stick thin. Cupcakes are a fact of life.

red cupcakes!

If you’re Baby Bug that is not a problem at all! So we didn’t have a big blow-out birthday party for her this year. No problem! We’re just celebrating birthdays every day! Baby Bug thinks this is totally normal. It’s so fun to be TWO!

I've seen the light!

On Saturday we went to my friend Felix’s birthday party for her little girl who was born only one day after Baby Bug. Felix was due a month after me but her baby came a little early. It was the funniest thing when I was in the hospital and I walked down the hall to some nursing class or something and there was Felix with her baby! It’s kinda cool to have a friend show up where you least expect them.


Wouldn’t it be cool if our kids grew up to be friends too? So far they seem to get along pretty well. Hugs all around!

the Birthday Girlsuch a big girl

I’m not exactly sure how a “poke cake” is made but it has something to do with poking the cake and pouring jello inside it. I think usually the cake is white and the jello shows up really well but in the case of Baby Bug’s cake EVERYTHING was green. Green green green. It even had green cool whip icing. As Baby Bug would say, it was “TASTY!”

TWO candles!

It’s so great to be two. She got some really sweet gifts too. I’ll probably have to blog about them by and by… but right now BB and her cousin Superchic are bouncing up and down on the couches at the coffee shop that I’m borrowing wi-fi from so I think I better be finishing this up and skidaddling.


  • Angella

    Hooray for never-ending birthday celebrations! I’ve been celebrating mine for the last few days too :)

    Looks like you are doing BB’s birthday up in STYLE!

  • bethany actually

    My friend Bekah was talking about how she really believes one should celebrate a birthday week, and her husband interjected, “Birthday week? You believe in celebrating a birthday MONTH!”

  • bethany v

    yay for cupcakes, now *I’m* craving one after those tasty pics :) Does this mean every year you get another party? 2 for 2. Bethany actually’s friend might be on to something there :)

  • andrea

    I read this wondering what the allusive poke cake was and then realized it is the same cake we ended up having for our birthdays every year but our creatively deficient family just called it jello cake. I haven’t had one for years and am now craving poke cake.

    Sounds like the way I want to spend my birthday every year–celebrating all week long!

  • Jummy

    I was thinking what Jennie was: that cake looks enormous! How fun it is to have multiple birthday parties.

    Felix’s daughter’s dress is adorable!

  • chris

    oh my goodness! poke cake!! my grandmother made that when i was little. basically you bake a cake and let it cool. then poke it with a chopstick (making some short holes, some tall ones) and pour jello over the cake and let it set. frosting with cool whip is a must. she usually did two layers – one green and one red.

  • Carrie

    I make poke cakes sometimes! But I always leave them in the pan. You just make a cake, take a wooden spoon and poke holes in the cake with the handle, then pour jello (or fudge sauce) over it. Let sit in the fridge, and you’re done.

  • Susan

    Mmm..I love poke cake especially chocolatey ones. Cupcakes are the most fun though especially since they feel like your own personal cake. Happy Birthday Baby Bug!

  • Jen O.

    Mmmm…I have no idea what poke cake is but it has made me so hungry. And all those cupcakes. Mmmmm. Did I mention that a) I’m preggers and b) have only eaten HEALTHY gross fruits and vegetables (and cereal and a yogurt and it’s only 10:30am) all day? What I wouldn’t kill for a great, big lick of that poke cake icing…

    I am totally baking tonight and I am using REAL butter and more sugar than the recipe calls for.

  • heide

    I had to go and Google poke cake recipes after reading this. So simple, so gross, and so fabulously intriguing!

    Also, wanted to warn you so you’re not taken off guard if you or BB run across them in the store, but M&Ms currently has an all-green bag of candies for sale. Just thought you should know. :)

  • BeachMama

    May BB always celebrate for more than a day. I still try to milk a week out of my Birthday, but it gets harder the older you get.

    Love those cakes, both the cup kind and the slap kind they all look so delicious on this my second day without sugar…

  • OMSH

    That cake is enormous!
    Was it tasty?

    And oh my goodness – how cute is Felix’s daughter? She looks like Snow White in that dress.

  • Felix

    Baby Felix had a blast playing with Baby Bug :)
    I’ve never heard of poke cake but I make something like that where you bake a chocolate cake and while it is still warm you poke holes in it and pour in a can of sweetened condensed milk and a jar of caramel sauce and then top with cool whip and crushed Heath bars – oh so yummy (it’s called the “Almost Better Than Sex Cake)

  • Angela

    2. Already?! You have inspired me to get one of those cupcake tree things. (I can almost feel my pants getting tighter!) Happy Birthday to the Baby Bug!

  • Camels & Chocolate

    I work in a fashion magazine, where you’d think none of these skinny bitches eat, but funny enough we have cupcakes in the office at least two days a week. Not saying they don’t all go and throw them up afterwards. (Note: I’m one of the “heavy girls” in the office – if you consider a size 6/8 on the heavy side.) Still, I heart cupcakes and would eat them for every meal! Must be nice to have a child and be able to justify that =)

    Beautiful pictures, too!