the sticks

Earth to SAJ

"pretty silver moon"

I’m going out to my mom’s for the weekend and she does not have wifi at this moment. It’s some crazy mix-up with her shutting off her house phone-line and using cell phones as her primary source of communication and thus shutting off all cable connections etc etc etc… there’s always some sort of drama going down at Camp Chaotic. But this drama has seriously got me quivering with the shakes. What am I gonna do?!!! Life without the internet? Does it exist?

Normally, I would say this is a good thing. It’s about time I disconnected my head from my laptop and learned to appreciate the finer things in life, like paying 100% attention to my daughter for a change! BUT work is crazy busy right now! Not to mention, thanks to you wonderful people, my etsy shop is going off! I get about 20 emails an hour. I can’t let go. And if I do let go, when I get back I’ll be so buried I’ll die! I’m already months behind on some emails. Going without writing back for three or four days will just kill me. How did this happen?!!

If it weren’t for the fact that a very special “green birthday dinner” with a very curious green jello “poke cake” has been planned, I would consider not going out. And you know how much I like going out to the sticks! This is going to be very hard for me. I’m already plotting maps to all the free wi-fi locations within a twenty-mile radius of my mom’s house. I am that pathetic.

So anyway if you don’t hear from me (email-wise… not hearing from me blog-wise for a few days is nothing new) it’s because I’m lost in outer space. I will miss you probably more than you miss me. I hope to be back by Tuesday. Maybe sooner.


  • Lady S

    Bummer about the Wi-Fi. I remember my mom making me a Jello poke cake when I was a kid. I really just remember the way it looked, not so much the taste.

    Have a fun visit.

  • Robert Hargate

    Really wish I could just throw this EVDO card of mine over the Rockies to you. I could go without it for the weekend. Have a good time.

  • bluejaye

    What is a poke cake?

    Do you need a secretary?

    I’m spending the week-end backing up files and photo in getting ready for the hi-speed cable guy. Yah!!!

  • jpwillett

    I LOVE Jello poke cake…takes me back to my college years when they served it at least once a week.

    I don’t think I’ve ever made it for my girls…my middle one would eat it up!

  • Jummy

    I don’t have a laptop so whenever I have to go out of town I have to make sure I will be busy so I don’t think of all the internet time (and blogs) I’m missing out on.

    I hope you’re having fun and not missing the internet at all!

  • nikoline

    beautiful shot. did you take it tonight? i took almost the identical photo outside my house tonight – but the tree was only on the left, moon on the right….strange!

  • august

    haha, I love to hear about your addiction to the internet. I too have guilt for being on it when I could be with the kiddos sometimes but I believe you are probably just being too hard on yourself as it’s obvious you adore your baby and spend lots of good quality time with her xoxo

  • Beth

    very pretty moon shot…wonder what mine looked like…in compairson! Cool contest idea…lol

    need to find BB a pair of green tinted glasses…maybe everything can be green in her world! you are a good mom, we can read between the lines!

    enjoy your weekend

    Etsy shop has cute valentine cards on the upper right side! fyi

  • falwyn

    I hear you on the pain of no internet. And sometimes it scares me, like I’m addicted or something. Sigh… balance…

    On a totally unrelated note, I ADORE your hedgehog banner. So insanely adorable.

  • OMSH

    I knew your Etsy shop would be a grand slam – and if nothing else, it certainly solidifies the fact that YOU needed a store.

    Catching up on my reads for you – so your break may actually serve me well.