Bug,  Slow News Day

I have the best daughter in the whole world

jazzy slob

I don’t want to bore you to death with a bunch of funny Bug stories but I have just a couple that I can’t resist sharing. I’ll try to be brief and not go on and on.

So, Toby and I are trying to get pregnant (yeah, whatever) and I use this silly ovulater kit. I had a few pee sticks on the counter for some high tech science experiment I was doing and one day I sat Baby Bug on the counter while I was doing something else. (Okay I was peeing but that is beside the point!) Next thing I know, Baby Bug had one of the pee sticks (that was used but covered, so no germs) in her hand and and she holds it to my face and says,

“Open Mommy! Aaaaah. Open!” like it was a tongue depressor.

Ha hahahahahah! Okay, maybe that’s only funny to me.

How about this one: We’re in the grocery store and she’s screaming the alphabet. That’s funny right? I mean she’s so little, she looks like she’s six months old and she’s singing/yelling the alphabet (from “A” all the way to “Z”) so loud you can hear it thee aisles over. Maybe that’s only funny to me too because I think it is hilarious that I have the smartest kid ever.

Sorry. That was boring. I just thought it was time for a short post instead of a super long one. Blame it on the snoctopus that has taken over my head.

Carry on.


  • bethany actually

    I think they’re both funny. Annalie totally yell-sings in stores all the time. When I ask her to keep her voice quiet, she always says, “Why? Mommy, I’m just SINGING!” I can’t argue with that! It cracks me up every time.

  • Sarah

    Whoa – your house is soooo clean! Impressive :)

    These kids – they are so funny. I love hearing BB stories…and that is a great photo too.

    Good luck with the getting pregnant thing. I wish I was there with you but I’m not quite ready yet. Soon though…soon…

  • Nila

    Bring on the Baby Bug stories. If you can’t talk about her here, then what’s the point in blogging? She’s great and I’m so happy to hear that you’re working on another one. I’m kind of working on my own little project too. We’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

    Your hair lookd terrific by the way.

  • Heather

    Adorable stories! Here’s one for you: the pregnancy test kits I used to find out about Bug #2 were in a wrapper roughly the same shape and size as Bug #1’s favorite cereal bars. She found one unopened in the bathroom and tried desperately to open it herself before bringing it to me, pleading, “Open, please? Please? Open and eat?” I traded her the pregnancy test for the real thing.

  • Julia

    I LOVE your haircut. :) I too am the queen of drastic makeovers, although I can never manage to let my hair get as long as yours was. And here’s the best of wishes for your TTC!

  • Ninotchka

    I LOVE that picture (and the others like it on your flickr). You girls are adorable. Best of luck on your ttc adventure. May it be brief and fruitful!

  • merrymishaps

    Great photo, it looks like you’re both having fun!

    My mom says I used to sing in the grocery store, too. I also knew how to whistle as an infant (stroller age), but it didn’t stick. I’m a terrible whistler now!

  • BeachMama

    I agree, not so boring. Trying to get pregnant is a super YAY!! Looking forward to the “we are pregnant” post. I found your blog just a week before you posted last time. Actually you posted that you had a secret and you weren’t going to post for a while and I was all bummed (because I had just found you) so I read your archives until you announced your pregnancy. Bug will be a grand Big Sister.

  • josephine

    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but it could take a while. I’m not open to discussing this but it took us four years to get pregnant with BB so I hope nobody’s disappointed when there’s no big anouncement anytime soon.

  • bluejaye

    Love the hair cut. You’ve inspired me to get mine cut. The last one was in May? It’s a mess now, couldn’t even qualify to join the slob club. I can’t turn 50 being a mess.

  • Michelle

    That is the cutest pic of you two dancing! It is so adorable how your BB has a pacie in her mouth, and always holds one :o) It will happen with the baby….this may sound goofy, but God’s delay, is not God’s denial. I hope mentioning God doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable, but it was just a saying that a friend shared with me, and I found it to be helpful when I wanted something so much, and it didn’t arrive on my time frame :o) I think you’re a wonderful mommy, SAJ, and you will be blessed with lots of kiddos!!! Hang in there :o)

  • erika

    Man, that was a long time ago. That’s how I got to your site, because you were trying for Baby Bug. You will get there and everyone will give you more hugs than you can imagine along the way.

  • Island Mummy

    The Baby Bug stories are the reason we come here. Well, and your gorgeous photos and amazing graphics…

    I came here for the first time when you had an amazing pic of red shoes, and I have been hooked ever since!
    And- your house is way too clean to have a toddler living there!

    Sending good conception vibes your way, we are trying too!

  • Beth

    I’ll let you keep your title since you specifically said you had the best DAUGHTER. Because, SAJ, I have the best SON! Have fun trying to get pregnant.

  • Michele

    I somehow landed on your site dress like slob ….maybe cause thats me everyday after dropping 3 kids off
    I have totally enjoyed your site…cool graphic and great stories
    I have to say your haircut is rockin

  • girl fried egg

    Must say, love your hair. Drastic makeovers make for interesting blogging!

    The not-a-tongue-depressor story cracked me up.

    And good luck on the effort for Bug#2! We’ll be patient. Happy trying!

  • ioi

    Don’t you hate it when something your kid does is just so cute/funny/frustrating/etc and when you attempt to share it with other adults, it just seems so lame? Or when you tell your story, your audience just nods and smiles – probably amused at your weird sense of humor? That’s what happens to me quite a bit, but at least we can see the little things in our children’s lives and can enjoy them for ourselves even if we can’t excite very many other people with them.

    You do a good job sharing the fun little things in Bug’s life – Keep it up!

  • Clownfish

    You know me…I dig the photo! Tell me, does BB do all of the choreography and you just follow her lead?

  • pinky

    I will admit something to you and only you – I confused my ovulation and pregnancy test pee-sticks. Dude, they look exactly the same!

    (but confusingly, the ovulation sticks need a strong line, and the pregnancy test doesn’t. especially confusing early in the morning)

  • lynne

    Good luck with making another baby, you know just maybe now you’ve had one the next one might not be so hard in coming. Well that’s what I’m hoping for you, cross fingers. You two make cute babies.

  • Neil

    Two babies! It was hard enough having a conversation with you with Babybug stealing the show! But then again, eventually the two kids will play with each other, so there will be more blogging time for YOU! So, very smart…

  • Beth

    i enjoy your stories….laughter and smiles are wonderful to share! You are a good story teller and Mom…as far as i am concerned…why else would I (we) come read here, if we didn’t enjoy it so much! And your BB is gonna be an awesome adult! She is so smart and creative!
    Very cute hair cut…btw…looks great on you! Party-on-hair!!!

  • mariss

    I also am a talker, and run-on sentences are generally my grammar of choice. I’ve been trying to do shorter posts though, too!

    I don’t have any kids yet, but I LOVE hearing about other peoples. Your daughter is adorable, and it’s awesome that you admitted you were peeing. I was laughing at both stories! It’s your blog, do what you like :)