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Since both Whoorl and Heather B are way too busy writing for their paying gigs, I feel it is my obligation to put up a little post about our fun weekend sand-castle/whoorlgarita get-together on Heather’s World Tour. Though I’m sure either of them would write a much more fabulous summary since they spent way more time together than I did. (I had to skidaddle on home to feed the munchkin and other mom stuff.)



The the above two photos are the only two presentable pictures of the sand castle festival I took. Somehow it was too crowded and we were too busy talking and sipping our contraband whoorlgaritas (disguised as “iced tea”) to walk down the row and see all the sand castles. They seemed boring in comparison to the great company. Which says a lot since you know I am a big fan of the sand castle.

heather b's first taste of the pacific

After Heather B got her feet wet and let fly a few expletives, we hoofed it on home to Whoorl’s house where we goofed off taking pictures in her right-out-of-a-magazine-spread. I love whoorl’s house. I could photograph it all day. If she wasn’t so modest, I would shoot every room and make a post just about her house. But she won’t let me. I already asked.

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