• lynne

    Who is Gumball? Could you tell the story of Gumball to those who may have missed it first time around?

    SAJ says: the whole story is here. I’ll add this to my post too.

  • Shannan

    oh my goodness, so cute! I love your artwork by the way! I’d love to eventually buy one of your pink doggies for my daughters room. (We’re kind of on a crazy tight saving money budget until after Christmas, which prevents me from making any purchases in the area of pink dogs for walls. argh!)

    Happy weekend!

  • lynne

    Thank you for putting the link up regarding Gumball’s creation, I missed it somehow last January. I think Gumball is awesome and if she (I presume it’s a she?) ever want’s to star in a-just-for-fun web animation give me a shout.

    Morris folk dancers are jigging outside my window as I type. Bells, sticks and accordian player all happily, clippity clopping about . No I don’t live in a country village, but a residential street in North London ????

  • Michelle

    Oh my goodness! Gumball is too cute as a crochet kitten! I can’t wait to get the sweat shirts of Gumball for my girls! They just love her too! SAJ, you are so generous and kind to share your creation with us! I’m excited to “work” with Gumball and Blueberry here at home too!

  • falwyn

    Oh SAJ, thanks so much. I am honored and totally thrilled. :) Tickled pink, you might even say. *ducks for cover against thrown objects*

    @bluejaye: yes, it’s really crochet (though now that you mention it, I have a bathrobe just the right color…..) :) It’s done in a somewhat odd and VERY difficult yarn called Polarspun (from Lion Brand) which is now discontinued, though I think Bernat makes a similar one. It sticks to itself and really becomes matted: I think you could practically cut it and use it as cloth. I’m writing out the pattern for this Gumball (and making some other test ones) and will soon be posting it on my blog for those who are interested.