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Next Up: Joey


Hi! Welcome to Pets-Are-Us! Your one-stop blog for all your sad sorry cat adoption needs! Oh. You’re not here to adopt a cat? I’m sorry. That’s all we’re offering here these days. I know. I hate it too but you know how family can be. They think your blog is their own personal kiosk to get rid of things.

Just kidding! I love my family and I love their cats and I really do want to see these cats find good homes. We’ll get back to our regular programming soon enough.

Forrest doesn’t have a home yet but at least we have put the mercy-killer (hi, Dad) at bay for a while. I think we have some contacts that might be able to help us find an appropriate home for him. If there is still anybody interested, please contact me. We can deliver! My Dad will be going back on the road in a few weeks and he would be happy to deliver a cat to you anywhere in the United States.

Talk about service! You get a cat and a visit from the famous Tom the Trucker. You’ll probably want to adopt my dad more than the cat, even if he has a heart of stone when it comes to poor homeless kitties.

There is one more cat up for adoption. Joey. Poor poor Joey. I don’t usually talk about this because it is dirty laundry on my family but Toby has given me permission.

Joey is another by-product of my alcoholic mother-in-law. Remember Maddy, the puking cat? Maddy was her cat too. My mother-in-law is a very sweet lady who loves cats but she is also an alcoholic who goes on six-month binges and lets everyone around her suffer, including her family and her pets.

She has left behind a long trail of neglected pets, including one dead hamster. When I say neglect, I don’t mean lacking affection. I mean locked in her trashed apartment eating maggots and drinking toilet water while she is in the hospital and or rehab. It still bothers Toby to this day that he didn’t rescue the hamster. The hamster died of starvation, a slow painful death.

We have rescued so many animals from her. There was the bunny and Maddy and Joey… it’s getting to be a bit much. We can’t keep doing this. My mother-in-law should not be allowed to have any more pets. But of course when she is sober she pleads that having an animal is the best way for her to keep her spirits up. And she’s probably right but unfortunately she never stays sober. Never.

Anyway, we rescued Joey about a year ago. We thought he was a kitten and my Mom loves Siamese kittens so she was more than happy to give him a home. It turns out Joey is NOT a kitten. He’s just on the small side. My mom took him to the vet to get him fixed and the vet informed her that he is two years old. A little old to be getting fixed. I don’t know if this compounds the too-many-male-cats problem or not but it could. Joey needs a home where he is the only cat.

He’s a beautiful cat. He’s also Siamese which means he yowls and he’s klutzy. He likes to climb up on shelves and knocks things off. He’s forever getting into my mom’s linen closet and sending down avalanches of towels and sheets. I’m sure in a tidier house he would be controllable but at Camp Chaotic he has only added to the chaos.


I really do hope Joey finds a home. If you’re in the market for a slightly spazzy but adorable Siamese, email me!


  • nina

    SAJ, can he be listed with the Meezer Express? There’s a rescue organization that works with linking Siamese cats to Siamese cat lovers all over the US.

    Upper corner of their website says “pick a rescue” and So Cal is among the areas.

    We have a spazzy but small Siamese we just rescued. Tony’s off the wall- but the Humane Society neutered him and we are guessing he’s 2-3 years old.

  • Susan

    I already have two kitties so I can’t take on more, but I had to tell you that I could not get the song from the movie “Lady and the Tramp” out of my head after reading this one….”We are Siamese if you please”..bu bu bu da da da…”We are Siamese if you don’t please”…
    Ok Sorry! Joey looks just as beautiful as the cats in that movie and they were like him climbing all over everything!

  • SmocknMama

    Was he actually neutered or not? Well, it’s certainly not too late to neuter him; it’s just too late for the male marking (and it’s aroma) to be put at bay and the territorial alpha male-ness those hormones create. A male cat that is neutered as an adult will settle down a bit, but the amonia smell will forever remain in the urine. Personally, I love the neutered male cat more than the female – they get more and more mellow as they age and don’t wonder as much as the females; the females never really stop the hunting.

    I so wish I could take him, though. I love Siamese cats and while they are definitely a bit clumsy by breed (although I wonder if it’s intentional for attention) I adore their talking – that’s my favorite. I had two growing up just adore them. They are beauties. If I could rescue hime (but I can not) he’d make a nice book end to my Little Bit.

  • margalit

    Oh my, he’s a pretty boy. Again, already have a male cat with pee issues, so I’m not in the market, but after watching Ellen DeGeneres today, I REALLY hope you find these cats a great home. I was sobbing right along with Ellen. Heartless bastids that “rescue” organization is.

  • lynne

    Wish I could give a home to the cats but I’ve the same problem as several of your readers, I live on the wrong continent. Good luck with the home finding.

  • DeeJay

    Joey is so beautiful just like Forrest is. My family had a Siamese when we lived on Guam then we brought her back to the states with us via a lap crate on a Pan Am 747. She had those beautiful blue eyes but unlike most Siamese hers were not crossed. Her sister, Cleopatra, who lived 2 doors away was totally crossed though. lol

    Hank lived to be over 20 years old and my own kids knew her as little kiddies before she passed. Oh, her name was Hank (Henrietta). Mom called her affectionately “Hank Mess.”

  • BeachMama

    Two gorgeous cats. I am sorry that we are a dog family (well Hubby loves cats, but I am allergic as are half my family so it would mean no more family dinners at our place) so we cannot take them or een one of them. I would have met your Dad at the border :).

    Best wished in finding them new homes.

  • amy

    Allergic to cats or I am sure I would have a dozen already. Try using Petfinder or call local no-kill rescues. Wish I could be of more help but we are a no cat zone.