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The Big Art Show Night

party dog

You’ve probably already heard from the wonders of twitter that the big art show was a whole lotta fun. It was a whirlwind of activity for me. I’m still trying to sort it out into some kind of cohesive story that will capture what it was really like.

It wasn’t huge. It wasn’t some grand debut on the art scene. There weren’t people were asking for my autograph or writing up articles for the scene and be seen magazines… but it was REAL. It was genuine. It was a combination of so many of my friends who really love me and GET me and a bunch of dog people who were besides themselves happy to have a party with art for their dogs. It was a bunch of happy people.

I loved the accordion player

When you get down to it. Isn’t that the kind of party you really want to be at anyway? It was really fun. I think I loved the accordion music the best. It reminded me of walking along the Seine in Paris, licking a passion fruit ice cream cone. Toby said the music jammed his frequencies but for me it was a few hours of being that silly happy Parisian girl again enjoying the wonder of a warm summer night. It was wonderful.

even whoorl bought a painting!

The paintings sold pretty well. Some of my loyal fans rushed in early and swooped up their favorites so I felt all special and stuff. Man, you guys are the BEST and I know my funny paintings will be loved in your homes. The other artists had really great work and if they weren’t so nice and constantly telling me to get over myself, I would have probably had a huge inferiority complex. Thankfully, I did not have any time to whine and worry about such things because it was a busy busy night of talking to all sorts of old friends and new friends, furry and not so furry.

Did you see everybody who came? Lots of bloggers. It was like a little mini so-cal blogher except not just for her. (thinking of you Mr. BlogHim). Some lovely bloggers I didn’t get photos of and I’m kicking myself. And some other lovely bloggers got there while I was busy getting ready in my new magic dress and being fashionably late. Thank you for the champagne mip mup! I’m sad I missed you!

I was a terrible photographer all night because I was so distracted and scatterbrained. I think I talked everybody’s ear off. And if I wasn’t blabbing excitedly, I was exiting with Baby Bug because she needed some one-on-one time with her mom. She was really good most of the night but she did have a few crying jags when people came up to her too quickly or tried to take her away from me. She is such a mama’s girl. But then what do I expect, we hang out together every day all day.

Everybody else took pictures so I’m hoping they email them to me or send me links and I can post them here. I tried to capture the fun of the night but… well I already explained that. I was a little stretched. Toby tried too but he was number-one baby watcher and Baby Bug kept him running from one side of the gallery to the other.

SuperChic and her favorite puppy

Her cousin SuperChic was there, who is four, and they are best friends. Best friends who like to run around and chase each other. If they weren’t chasing each other they were chasing the many dogs who came as guests. How cute is that? The dogs were very well behaved and my brother even adopted one.

All in all it was a really sweet event.

me and bug in the outdoor garden

Kinda like Baby Bug and pupcakes.

Lori made the cupcakes, I iced them...

Kelly uploaded his pictures from the show and two movies!


  • Kami

    Your dress was fabulous SAJ, you looked fantastic.

    How cool was it that LVGurl was there?


    Congrats on your showing!

    SAJ says: I know! All the way from Las Vegas!

  • whoorl

    It was such a success, but you are SO modest, Brenda!

    PEOPLE, like 70% of her paintings sold in the first hour!! (If she won’t tell you, I will.) hee hee

  • Annika

    I am so, so sad I missed it. I really, truly planned to go but earlier in the day I was so carsick that I couldn’t stand to leave the house again. :(

  • Jenifer

    Yay! I’m glad it was a huge success. I just wish I could’ve bought some paintings…please tell me the one with the dog drinking coffee didn’t sell!

  • Becca

    I’m thrilled the show went so well. For those of us that weren’t able to make it to the show, do you have an online shop or some other way to buy your art?

  • bethany actually

    SO HAPPY for you that it was success (thanks for the real scoop, whoorl!) and that you had fun! It sounds like all the hard work was worth it. I hope next time I don’t have a wedding to attend and I can fly to California to be there myself. :-)

  • Photographer Lori

    It was a FABULOUS SUCCESS!! In fact, Surf Dog sold this morning and the lady wanted a few others, but they were already SOLD!!

    Very Cool!

    Brenda looked beautiful and everyone just loved the work. :)


  • BeachMama

    SAJ, it looks like it was really a fabulous show. And thank you to Whoorl for the true update. You looked fabulous, the show looked so professional and selling so many paintings must have been such a rush. I guess you will have to get working on your next event :).

    Still sorry I missed it!

  • margalit

    I wish I could have been there. I’m so proud of you for pulling this show off so successfully, for selling so many paintings, and for hopefully starting you on that path to that career you’ve been searching for. I just wish I could have a SAJ painting of my own. Someday!

  • Airing Dirty Laundry

    I’ve been following your blog, and your art, and I’m so impressed. Were there paintings that didn’t sell that we could possibly buy online. Please? That’s the sound of a not-well-traveled, home-bound, east coast fan talking.

  • Amanda

    Yay! I’m so glad it was a success! And a FUN success, at that! You were ravishing and your dress and foxy peep-toe pumps are totally the opposite of the grungy hippie-mom you claim to be. You were lovely! :)

  • cardiogirl

    I can’t decide which picture is the cutest: the pic of Baby Bug or the pic of your dog and your niece. I love how the dog guards the kids! Congrats on an awesome art show!

  • Punchbugpug

    Okay, your dress was so pretty and Baby Bug’s…just adorable! Love your hard work on all the dog art. Still waiting for you to rock on with Pugs! I agree show us some we can buy online!!! Us eastcoasters need your artwork too!!!!!

  • Donna

    Hi! We really loved all your art…I have to agree with Jenifer above…the dog drinking the coffee was so cute! I think it sold. Congrats on a great show…you did look fab in your dress! So sorry your voice was out of commission! Keep it up!

  • Amanda Brown

    Weird. I left a comment last night but it didn’t show up. Basically is said congrats on your success and you were ravishing in your dress and foxy peep-toe shoes. Totally not a hippie-mom…a sleek, chic artist mom!

  • PennyMichelle

    Super happy for you! Wish I could have been there! LOVE your dress by the way, and I meant to tell you how much I LOVE your LONG HAIR! I hope you are growing it longer! Lucky you – you can go short or long..(I look like a dufus with short hair!!) I am growing mine out and going to wear it in long long braids….you could let darling bb braid your hair!! ;)

  • josephine

    HI! I’m sorry I haven’t responded to questions yet. I’m going to try and catch up and answer emails during the next nap time (which should be around the corner). But just a quick note regarding any artwork that might still be available.

    Everything is at the Surf Dog Market. I don’t even know what is left. We are going to do an inventory on Tuesday and hash it all out. SO if you really really must have something I suggest you call them, I bet they would be happy to sell and ship etc. etc. If not I bet you could purchase from them and somebody could help ship–maybe even me though the store is a good hour away from me. Here is their contact link.

    Regarding a store. I am in the works of that right now. I will keep everybody posted and for sure be painting more and making prints. :)

  • Leah

    A success! A smash hit! Oh, how I wish I could have been there.

    p.s. When did your hair get so long?! Holy shiny tresses, Batman!

  • eticket

    And of course I managed to get in and out with having my picture taken. Excellent. I’d a bought ’em all but I’m still just broke-ass ol’ Dave, and the one’s I got were the best anyhow. Thanks for invitin’ me.

  • erika

    congratulations! i hope you are still high from the excitement. looks like i missed a fantastic show.

    and your hair! don’t cut it!! :D hehe.

  • Leta

    I don’t know what the hell those chocolate things are, but they look de-vine! Congrats on your art show, it looks like a lot of fun. Your hair is so long!