Her words…

1. kitty (Her first word except at first she said “kkkkkkkkk” and rolled her k’s like a cat purring. Now she says, “kitteeeeeeeeeeeeee” like a normal kid. I kinda miss the old rolling k’s.)
2. dada
3. mama
4. uum-nahs (this is not a real word but she uses it a lot to refer to yummy food. As in the bagels and brownies in the display at Starbucks are “UUM-NAHS!!!!” and should be eaten right away.)
5. nana (as in banana)
6. cah (coffee… probably because Toby and I are always drinking it)
7. cuh (cup)
8. baaaaah (bath)
9. pah (pacifier)
10. car
11. doggie (sometimes followed by “pant pant”)
12. pop pop (the sound you make when opening and closing your mouth with no vocal sound) as in fish. A fish makes this sound
13. cheese (as in camera, because we always say “say cheese”)
14. threeeeeeee! (any number)
15. uh oh (something she usually says seconds before she drops her sippy cup on the floor from her high chair tray
16. baby
17. ooh oh (monkey)
18. raaaawk (rock)
19. waaaawk (walk, as in “let’s go on a walk to the park”)
20. par (park)
21. gookie (cookie)
22. guh girl (good girl)
23. whaaah-whoo (water)
24. daddeeeeeeeee! (daddy)
25. sheee (shoe)
26. cur (color, as in “let’s color”)
27. bye bye
28. nigh’ nigh’ (night night)
29. uh uh (electrical socket, because that’s what I’m always saying when she wants to touch it)
30. glee (broccoli)
31. ti-yah (tortilla)
32. hiiiiii!!!! (hi)
33. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb (ladybug, because of this movie that she LOVES)
34. Laaaay-nah (her name)
35. dah-done (all done)
36. eye (what she says as she pokes me in the eye)
37. eigh (egg)
38. buuuh-ble (bubble)
39. sock
40. ball (usually “ball! ball! ball!)
41. wah-wuhl (waffle)
42. juh! (jump)
43. wow Wow! WOW!
44. key
45. papa
46. noooodle (noodle)
47. riiiiiiigh (rice)
48. meeeeeeeeeeen (moon)
49. spoon
50. ducky

I’m glad somebody asked me to post this because I am soooo brain dead tonight. I had a great day. Got so much done but now I’m officially done. Not one drip of brain power left.


  • Jennifer

    I wrote out the Baby’s a while back, too. She’s a little older than Bug but doesn’t have as many words.

    You do have a little chatterBug!

  • BeachMama

    Great list. I wish I had done that now. Looking back the words just came oh so slowly, now he doesn’t stop talking so I forget what some of his first words were. Except for Mommy and Daddy, of course :).

  • Alissa

    Wow! That’s a long list. It must be so fantastic to hear her communicating with you and understand what she’s thinking about. My son is 18 months and still only says mama. Funny enough we went to a speech therapist today (dr’s referral) and she said he is fine and is unconcerned. Still I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

    By the way, I just returned from holiday and was having serious SAJ withdrawl while away. It’s been great to catch up. Sorry about the camera. I also totally think that BB looks like you in the eyes.

  • DeeJay

    My girl said “bah” for bottle, my boy said “push honey” for screwd river.

    Sometimes the brain needs a rest from the everyday. Thanks for posting the list!


  • Jenifer

    Hmmmm in Baby Bug dialog right now I want a wah-wuhl with umm-nah or nana washed down with cah. Yeah, I speak fluent Baby Bug now. :D

    SAJ says: hahahaha! perfect!

  • Jennie

    I love when my nephew says nigh-nigh – It’s so precious! He and Baby Bug say a lot of the same words right now. So cute.

  • MamaBear

    wow she is a little BabyChatterBug!!!! Amazing. It really pays off that she is home with mommy all day and you talk to her. Smart little bug!

  • familymclean

    I have a list compiled for my Sweetpea, but it is stashed away as a draft, like you I was afraid I’d be bragging if I was to plaster it out there for all to see. I wish someone would ask me to share it. I am always searching for excuses! Your BB uses fo many of the same words as my SP, I bet they could chatter on together to no end over some ‘cah’.

  • Alexa

    WOw what a chatty bug!
    Andrew is 3 days shy of 16 months and he knows how to say “ki-cat” for kitty and “dada” for daddy..(Alissa don’t sweat it) I am sure of it now that boys develop at a much different pace…so I have read and whats been passed down knowledge/advice

  • Jennifer

    Holy Cow! Audrey (16 months) has *maybe* 2 words. The doc is thinking speech therapy might be needed though. BB is like my first, she was such a chatterbox. I love hearing babies learning words and I love this list.

  • Bethany

    Wow, BB says a lot of words! Soon they’ll be coming so fast and furious you’ll be writing down ten new ones each day. :-) I wish I had a list like this from when Annalie first started talking. Her first word was kitty, too–“kih!” She said “nana” for banana and her name for ages. And for broccoli she used to say “buh-COB-buh-cob!”

  • CC

    You forgot how she can mimic anything. Like today I got her to say “Stater’s” for Stater Bros. I love my niece, she’s so smart.