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back home with new shoes

We’re home again! I could go on and on about how nice it is to be back at the beach or how nice it is to be able to cook in my big, clean kitchen or how much Baby Bug missed her dad…. OR I could just blog about how cute these shoes are instead!

So cute! I’m such a sucker for miniature adult things. Forget flowers and bows, bugs and loopy stitching, it’s all about the mini versions for me. These shoes are like little vans, except they aren’t. They’re some cheap copy-cat brand from Payless. You can tell I don’t get out shopping much any more. I’m sure there are a bazillion other cute van-type shoes for babies but these just grabbed me and made me buy them. I was looking for sandals and came home with these. Hmmmm… her toes won’t be cool and breezy but she’ll be the hippest skater baby on the block.

Speaking of not getting out shopping much anymore, I went to Target today with my mom and I was bombarded (BOMBARDED!) with all the cute adorable buyable stuff. I just cannot set foot in there. It makes me almost physically ill. Why do they makes so many cute things? Why do they make me feel like I must buy these cute things in order to have a cute happy life? This is so wrong. I do not have the cute adorable funds for these cute adorable things. And you can’t give in either. If you buy just one item, it weakens your resolve and next thing you know you’re checking out with $75 dollars worth of merchandise that you really do not have places for in your home. It’s just evil.

I don’t think Target is doing anything differently than anybody has ever done since the beginning of consumerism but I do think that I am finally the target market for a majority of their designers and buyers and let me just say that they have me dialed in like Flynn. I just cannot buy anything at all.

Somehow all that will power didn’t stop me from going to the shoe store next to Target. Baby Bug needs some sandals and one thing lead to another. None of their sandals met my criteria but aren’t her new slip-ons cute?

It looks like Baby Bug doesn’t like her new shoes and she is trying to get them off. Don’t worry, she likes them. She calls them her “BuuuhBBle shoes” (except she says “shoes” more like “sheees” for some reason). She is trying to get them off in that one picture but only because she wants to drag me down to the “wah-whoo” so she can play in the waves. She loves the water. Any kind of water. It’s “wah-whoo” this and “wah-whoo” that at our house these days. She’s so funny.

Have I told you she says 49 words now? Forty-nine! She’s going to be a jabberbox just like her mom. A jabberbox with cute shoes.


  • aunt kathy

    She sure likes her shoes! Maybe it runs in the family. Ask Aunt Beck how many pairs of shoes she had before she got married.

  • Kuky

    I know what you mean about Target! I thought I had them beat, not buying anything but cleaning supplies and necessities. That is until Alan pointed out that I was buying a WHOLE BUNCH of cleaning supplies. And wow I was. Why just buy one all purpose cleaner when you can buy bathroom, counter, stainless steel, wood, or glass cleaner. And microfiber, why yes! Sprays and wipes galore! Help me!

  • Kuky

    As if I didn’t have enough to say. (Isabelle pushed my hand and I hit return. I think she is protesting my computer time.) I also wanted to say I love the picture where baby bug is pulling on her shoe so hard her foot is near her head. Isabelle does that. It’s so cute!

  • familymclean

    Cute, cute cute!!! (BB too)
    I’m going to buy some of those tomorrow!!! I rarely go shopping for fun stuff by myself, it is hard to drag two babes all over a mall and then back home. I had no idea there were such cool skater chic shoes for tots. Love them!! Wish I could bring the kids and come play in the “wha-whoo” with you gals, K & E have yet to experience a beach but I am sure they would love it, well except the sand. E would probably try to eat it and K would want her hands washed every time she touched it. It would be so funny.

    SAJ says: Well, if you are ever in town, you’re invited to come play with us!

  • Bethany

    Target is known in my circle of friends as the hundred-dollar store. You go in there just to buy toothpaste and a birthday card for your cousin, and emerge an hour and a half later, surprised to find that you’ve spent $98.54 on toothpaste, cards, paper towels, cute kids’ clothes, candles, and various clearance items–my word, the CLEARANCE! I think you are right about being a part of the target market, and I don’t care either. I love Target.

    So glad the trip to the sticks and the loaner camera have you in a better frame of mind. :-)

  • BeachMama

    Yet another post that makes me so thankful that we don’t have Target here! My Sister lives in Nashville and she raves about Target all the time. I know I would be flat broke if we had one :).

    As for the shoes.. they are just so cute. I could use some cute surfer shoes for J, but just got him some Crocs so he will just have to be stylin’ another way.

    Oh yes, and if you are a chatterbox, BB will be one surely. Trust me I know. My son does not stop talking. Ever. It’s totally exhausting.

  • OMSH

    We do payless for everything but sneakers. I want their sneakers to hold up, but they grow out of everything so fast it is always PAYLESS or bust!

    I stopped window shopping when we made our plan to get out of debt. That was something like 10 years ago. Now I window shop debt free online! ;)

  • bluejaye

    We were at Payless yesterday–only 4 pair for 3 people. In the bigger kids sizes they had the cutest pair of skaters that had a cat and cross bones on them. I looked but they didn’t come in bugs size.
    I paid 15 bucks for the cutest lime green thongs for Beck-even Payless has gone up in price.

  • Amy

    those are the cutest shoes. i think baby bug has the best of both worlds. living by the beach…and going to the sticks. what a great life she lives…! target is fabulous!

  • The Chatty Housewife

    I feel the same way about Target. Too much cute stuff all in once place. I am doomed when I have children of my own. I like BB’s shoes. Airwalk was the coolest when I was in like, 8th grade and now they sell at Payless. I used to have Airwalk snowboard boots and I thought I was the coolest.

    SAJ says: I know! I remember Airwalk being cool too. But Payless was soooooo not cool back then! How silly I was. I now own a pair of payless pumps that I love and wear every time I dress up. So go figure.

  • MamaBear

    49 words? WOW! Do you have a list? You should post it, #1 for her sake, as an archive or progress, and #2 for our sake, I’d love to know! I don’t think my baby knows 10 (only 1 month younger), but she is in a bi-lingual family.

    SAJ says: I’ve been dying to post a list of her words…some of them are very funny. (I keep track on a piece of paper on the fridge) But I was thinking it would be very show-offy of me and possibly annoying, so I haven’t. But if you guys insist and promise not to hate me and my super genious baby, then I will.

  • Oopsy Daisy

    Those are the cutest shoes!!! And I would know because I have a major shoe addiction.

    When my eldest was Baby Bugs age he would come to me with shoes in hand and say “Shoe go peas” which meant he wanted to go somewhere.