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the 3am rambly sicky post

You’d never guess it from the pictures but Baby Bug and I are feeling a little bit under the weather. So much for nursing for the first year of life and not getting sick. I think this is her third cold. I could be wrong though. They say congestion during the first month is totally normal. Either way, being sick is the pits. Being sick and getting new teeth is the double pits. Just like my ugly arm pits in the pictures above.

But don’t worry about us, we’re fine. We plug on through illness like super troopers. Baby Bug is still a lot of fun. She doesn’t let the sniffles or a wheeze get her down. She must have a milder version of this bug than I do because I feel like %#@. I’m just worried that the next stage of my normal routine of sickness, which is coughing like crazy, is going to be a problem. I might have to actually sleep in the other room! Gasp!

You may have gathered that I’ve been sleeping on the floor in the Bug’s room. (No more fleas. We killed ’em dead!) I have a futon there so it’s not so bare bones as it was those first few months. I gave up on the 70’s crib because I couldn’t sleep thinking about her suffocating all night. But the real reason is it was just so much hassle feeding her at night, like I like to, and worrying about waking Toby up. Toby may be a night owl but he does go to bed for just a few hours before I get up and those are the hours that both of us struggle with being polite to each other. We’re trolls when we’re half asleep. I know, excuses excuses. I don’t know why I like to sleep in the other room. I just do. Romance Schmomance. I promise, when she’s a year old (only 3 months from now) I will try and sleep in my old bed again. That’s my plan.

The 70’s crib is still there though. Toby won’t let me get rid of it. He hopes we could all sleep together in the same room like a happy family someday. I might use it if we have company and I give up my futon for guests to sleep on. I took out the super-tall bumper pad that I so lovingly suffered to make and replaced it with one of those ugly breathable bumper pads. It looks terrible. But at least she won’t suffocate.

So that’s that. Questions answered finally. Let’s just put that subject to “bed”.

Onward with… hmmmmmmm… nothing much. I’m back from the sticks. I’m attempting to be super mom and plan my meals for the week. Ha! What a funny concept. I did manage to eek out a week’s menu while Baby Bug climbed up the side of my chair fifty-seven times and tried to climb into my lap. I wish I had a jungle gym made out of soft stairs and cushions. She loves to climb things. But she’s always fallling down and banging herself. The other day she fell on the rung that stretches between the two legs of the bistro table we have in the dinging room and gave herself a nasty nick on the side of her eye. I thought sure she was going to get a black eye. What kind of mom am I that I let my kid get a black eye!

It’s just impossible to let her “explore” and play without letting her tumble now and then. No area is 100% safe. She’s starting to pull herself up on everything, even the walls. My mom has this cool little leap pad table toy that stands about a foot maybe a foot and a half tall. She tries to climb up on top of that. She’s just a little mountain climber!

Well, I’m rambling. It’s 3:30 in the morning and my hot lemon and honey tea (that was supposed to make my sore throat feel better) is cold. I guess I might as well tumble back into bed and attempt to get some sleep. Morning is going to be here way before I want it to.


  • lin

    I hope you guys feel better soon. When my son was teething everytime he had a new tooth coming he had a runny nose and a cough the doctor said that it was caused by the teething. I don’t know what baby bugs symptoms are but it’s just something to consider in the future.

  • stavroula

    I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, and I hope that you and b.b. feel much better soon. Can I just say that those pictures of the two of you are so, so lovely? What a happy little goofy baby!

  • Gramma

    My kids all got a somewhat of a diaper rash when teething…I don’t know why. but as soon as the tooth broke through the rash disappeared. Of course, the snotty nose went with it.

  • Tiel S-K

    funny you should be writing this at 3am because I am reading it a 3am…and I can’t blame the children for waking me. Just one of those nights. If someone had told newly pregnant mothers about sleeping in with their children for months, or getting up 6 times a night, or being a total grump to your partner for the first 12 months, I think most woman would be horrified and say, “Oh know that isn’t going to happen to me.’ HA! Good luck with the sickness. You really know you are a mum when you are feeling sick and you still have to get out of bed to little ones and get on with your day.

  • aunt kathy

    So sorry you two are sick. We’re fighting colds up here too. It’s got to be the change in weather. Get well quick!

  • carrien

    My husband had problems sleeping throught the first baby in our room at night. BUt he stuck it out, becuase we didn’t have s eperate room for the baby anyway, even if I had been willing to do that. The second one he slept through everything, except loud wailing, but it doesn’t matter where you’re sleeping in the house, that sound will wake you up. If it’s really bad he goes and sleeps on the couch.

    The romance returns… eventually.

  • Nila

    I didn’t breast feed and my boys are rarely sick (knock on wood). They’ve each had maybe 2 ear infections in their 8 and 10 year lives. I felt so much guilt about not breast feeding, but seeing how healthy they are now, I realize it might me more hype. I know it’s the best and stuff, but the other way also produces healthy, well adjusted kids. Which you would never know by the was people talk about formula babies.

    My husband and I went through a phase where we didn’t sleep in the same bed for one reason or the other, and it never affected the romance. There are plenty of other places for a little romance.