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    Baby and a Box

    We are so lucky to live next to a drug dealer pharmaceuticals rep who always has loads and loads of cardboard boxes stacked outside her house for trash pick up. It’s so handy. I’ve used a box now and then for shipping things but finally I grabbed a great big box and cut up Baby Bug’s first official Box House, or should I say Box Castle.

    I am the queen of cutting up cardboard boxes. I dream of big refridgerater boxes and washing machine boxes and perhaps a few large old fashioned computer boxes when computers used to come with big fat monitors. There is nothing so much fun as the sound of a serrated knife sawing through cardboard and the vision of a shuttered window, a rocket ship spy hole or even a mailbox slot. I’ve been known to build things out of cardboard boxes well into my thirties and that was before I even had a kid. Now I get to live it all over again for her!

    She loved it as much as an eight month old loves anything. For about five seconds.

    Actually we recycled the box into many many reincarnations. A puppet show, a put-toys-in-the-hole game, peek-a-boo, a slide over pillows game, a tunnel, drumming, jumping, and of course the favorite: collapsing-of-the-box game… we exhausted our cardboard box.

    Now I think I need a new brain.

    p.s. happy birthday Nick!