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    9 month movie!

    Who’s tired of talking about gallbladders? Me! Me! (not that I didn’t appreciate all your comments… I did. It’s just well, you know.) I’m glad you’re tired of gallbladders too because it’s time to talk about BABY BUG!!! The real reason you keep coming back to this blog.

    Baby Bug turned nine months a week an a half ago. Poor Bug. I didn’t even hardly pay attention as that day went by. But I have been noticing her many many achievements lately. Gallbladder or not there is no denying that she’s getting so big and coordinated. She sticks out her tongue now. She’s just discovered it the other day. I constantly catch her sticking it in and out and then playing with it with her fingers.

    She also has this strange cackle. It’s sort of a laugh. You’ll hear it in the movie. I think it’s her fake laugh. Maybe she’s trying to sound like me when I laugh. I don’t know. Sometimes when we really get her going, by tickling her or doing some silly thing that she thinks is hilarious, the horse cackle will be replaced by a much prettier genuine laugh. I love both though. She can cackle all she wants.

    What else…. well, she has two teeth. Just like a little jack-o-lantern in time for Halloween. I think I’m going to carve our pumpkin to look like her. She likes to bite with her teeth too. Thankfully not me. She likes to bite her toys and the spoon when I’m feeding her baby food that she no longer likes. She’s too sophisticated for baby food these days. But you already knew that. Baby food is so three months ago.

    She’s crawling faster and faster, just like everybody said she would. I can’t leave her for a minute anymore or next thing I know she’s upending the trash can or eating cat litter. Thankfully she hasn’t beat me to the cat box yet but she has made it to cat’s food bowl. Baby food is gross. Cat food is yummy!

    Baby Bug’s favorite toy is me. She likes to pull on my face like it’s made out of rubber. She has quite a grip too! And pincher fingers that are stronger than jumper cables! Man. When she gets a hold of the skin on my neck and pulls, I bend to her will like a noodle. I don’t always let her manhandle me like that, of course. Only when I’m sick as a dog or trying to sleep at 5:30 in the morning and she thinks it’s high time I got up. I know I should keep her up later at night so she’ll sleep in during the morning but I’m so tired by 7:30 p.m. that I can’t keep her awake. So morning people we are. Bright and early morning people.

    Yikes. LIsten to me. It sounds like all I do is complain. Motherhood isn’t that bad. It really is everything I always wanted it to be and more. Really. It’s just a lot more. Like maybe too much more. There I go again. But really it is sheer joy to see her smile and laugh. To watch her figure things out makes life fresh and new again. Did I tell you how she talks all the time? Not real words. Just sounds. Always. I love it. I have a feeling she’s going to a jabberbox. Just like her mom.

    So before I ramble on again, lets watch the movie!

    Here you are. Enjoy! (2.93 mb quicktime)