• the great illness of 06

    help me internet!

    Are there any secrets to entertaining a very active baby when you have no energy? I can’t eat, therefore I have no energy. She is eating lots (babyfood, unfortunately my milk supply is drying up because of this illness and frustrating us both to no end) and therefore has LOTS of energy. I’ve tried letting her crawl all over me. She’s getting tired of that. I’m letting “look” at her photo album and yank at the plastic sleeves dangerously. I even let her eat the remote and my keys that have lead in them. Any tricks out there from experienced moms? The exersaucer is out. She thinks it’s jail. Videos are not an option yet (no energy to walk to libray). Sesame street and cheerios are working now and then but I think she’s going to overdose on cheerios, not to mention Daddy says she can’t “swallow” them and that’s why she’s always making that flat beak face when they go down. I just need a minute to lie down on the couch on my heating pad and any hints for magic baby entertaining would be so wonderful. I’ll give the best idea a prize when I get better. I BETTER get better.