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out out OUT to the park

Even though I love Baby Bug to pieces so much it hurts me inside, I have to admit that she has been a little pill lately. Or maybe it’s me and my famous pms. Anyway, thank the Lord for emails from babycenter.com and Violet because today I read that she might be at a normal stage where she is recognizing that she and her mama are separate beings and she might be experiencing a little anxiety. As in “I NEED MY MOMMY! EVERY WAKING MINUTE OF THE DAY!!!! because she might leave me!!!!!!!” Poor kid.

I’m not going anywhere but I do like to log on to my computer now and then or get dressed or do the dishes or spend fifteen minutes cleaning up her baby food artwork that is smeared all over her highchair and the wall beside it. I never have her out of my sight but I do like to take little breaks while she plays in her exersaucer or on her activity mat or with her toys.

Lately she won’t have any of that. She needs me paying attention every single minute.

So what do you do when you think your baby is going to drive you out of your mind? You go to the park! The lovely park! Where leaves rustle in the breeze and birds chirp and the grass is so green and… tasty!

My oh my, Baby Bug likes to eat grass just like a cow. It was all I could do to keep her on the blanket and not crawling off it like a wiggly little snake. We had fun though. We both love the park.

The best part about our little jaunt to the park was the swing. I thought she was too little for it. The leg holes seem so big, like she could fall sideways and slip right out of them. But right on the side of the rubber seat, it says: “built for children ages three an under” (Which might explain why I had so much trouble getting my nearly four-year-old niece in and out of one last weekend…).

I figured government warnings usually error on the side of caution and if it doesn’t say “only for babies 14 pounds and up”, then maybe it’s okay for Baby Bug. With extreme supervision of course.

She loved it! The gleeful laughs! The cackles and exclamations! I love it when she laughs. It’s so cute. I hardly ever can catch her on film but she was laughing so much I had a chance to snatch my camera out of my purse and record this little clip for you. (1.91 mb, quicktime)


  • jP

    The park is the best. My kids still haven’t outgrown it. The parks department has a great program every summer and we follow the “rec” mobile around and have been known to be at the park for 4-5 hours. A good book for mom and lots of other kids for my bunch to play with and more playground equipment than anyone could have in their own backyard. The best is there are other adults to supervise the games and other moms to talk to.
    Yea for the Park!

  • aunt kathy

    Looks like she was getting a little dizzy there at the last. Or maybe she was trying to figure out how this “thing” works? Yes, parks are great. They were a great sanity keeper when my kids were small–as long as they didn’t run off in four different directions or one of them had to go to the restroom! Then try to drag the other three away!

  • Daisy Mae

    You know, looking at those adorable pics of Baby Bug I was struck by just how much Baby Bug looks like Toby, especially her eyes. She is so sweet!

  • Jennifer

    So cute! I love the breathing in and out fast laughing. Separation Anxiety seems to finally be fading around here. I don’t have to be around ALL THE TIME any more. Whew. A lot of rolling room and tons and tons of teethy type toys makes my monkey pretty happy to be alone lately. Oh, and a little Baby Einstein puts a smile on her face too.

  • paula

    i love baby bug’s surprised, slightly worried expressions. and i love your style of photography. thanks for sharing, for those of us who don’t have kids!

  • Kinki

    Hee hee, my daughter loves to eat grass too! I always thought she must have been feeling a wee bit under the weather, as our cat used to eat grass when he was sick… No. It’s just all about texture these days…

  • jo's mom

    come out and eat the grass at camp chaos. there is room in the livingroom (mostly) and rapunzl and super chik miss her… and so do i

  • Jamie

    It sounds like you wrote this about my daugter a month or two ago!
    We have had severe separation anxiety since 3 months old, and just now (at 8 mos )is there a glimmer of it getting better. I think it’s because she can crawl anywhere she wants to go now, so she can come with me when I walk away.
    And she crawls off blankets constantly to eat grass, and giggles on the swing.

    You take great pics! But how could you miss with a baby that cute, right?

    So fun, thanks for writing this.

  • Laurie

    My little one has been scared of the swing – he’s 2 and has been in it 2x. Gah! I so wanted him to love to swing and had visions of me pushing him and him laughing…gah – sometimes mommyhood is so different than we ewxpect it to be!

  • Donna

    How fun to watch her discovering the world. I remember those endless hours pushing the swings at the park…hooray for parks!

  • Ninotchka

    If I don’t get out at least once a day, I go bananas. Yet it’s so easy for a whole day to pass you by when you have a needy baby on your hands. (Picking up my older one from school doesn’t count because it’s so close…I need to get OUT OUT) I hate those days. I’m glad you got out and enjoyed a wonderful park outing. :)