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    I am so far behind in my blogging it’s making me mad at myself. I’m supposed to be posting Baby Bug’s seven month movie yesterday but I haven’t even made it yet! I should just fire myself. It’s going to get worse too. Toby’s mom (his real mom, not his stepmom) is drinking again and is in the hospital AGAIN.

    We have rescued her kitten. Not that we’re keeping track but last time the hamster died and the time before that we inherited the puking cat and the angry rabbit who chewed up everything and threw his poop pebbles at us… Me bitter? Naaaaaaagh. I love taking calls from social workers and police and hospital employees telling us we need to come take care of our poor elderly drunk who is suicidal and has bled all over her apartment so bad it looks like a crime scene out of CSI, except worse.

    I’m taking the new rescued kitten to my mom’s because, as you know, she’ll always take in a stray and there is no way in tarnation we are keeping the cat here. And yes, that means I’m going back to the sticks after being home less than two days!

    As a consolation prize for my sucky lack of posting, I am giving you one of my favorite pictures of me back in the day at the Junk Mail Factory. I used to be a designer in corporate land and I had cool short hair. I also wore funky shoes. Man, I miss 1998. But then again, now I have Baby Bug and she is way cuter than short hair, funky shoes OR weighing ten and a half pounds less.

    Also… coming soon: V is for VIVI! I have a new niece! Pictures tomorrow! Unless more drama ensues.