• Buddies,  The Hood

    A Guest Post from Clownfish

    Hangin’ with my friends…
    The emails were exchanged. Me: “May I come down and see you three tonight”?, SAJ: “Will you stay for dinner”? Me: “What can I bring”?, SAJ: “Bring yourself and come on down”. With that, it was set, I was off to see my friends and see how much Baby Bug has grown.
    I cruised on down the freeway, walked up their stairs and the slider opened. Not only was it great to see my friend but in her arms was the star of the show, Baby Bug! She was beaming a big ol’ smile right at me. Most likely not due to my arrival but possibly gas. 
    The three of us walked to the big green emblum for secret agent go-go juice and then walked down to the beach. Two friends and one very cute baby, walking, talking, and catching up. It was fun seeing my friend (our friend) and mother, totally happy. We paused for a moment to flip the Bug around in her carrier. SAJ looked at BB and said, “I love being a mom”! Of course there is no question of that but sometimes a mother just has to say it out loud.

    I got to catch up with Toby too! After a wonderful dinner and BB being put to bed, the three of us talked into the evening.
    With a jar of rasberry jam in hand, we exchanged good-byes. It was a perfect evening!