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punker baby

She’s getting hair! (finally) The question is, what color is it? It’s impossible to tell. When she was born we thought sure she was going to be a brunette. But now it just keeps getting lighter and lighter and lighter. It’s actually the same color as Toby’s hair right now (in his non-sun-bleached adult state) but it has a little more red in it. She could take after me or my Grandma on my Dad’s side or her cousin Kelly… it’s all a mystery. And her eyes… well, they’re mostly brown but sometimes they look bluish with gray around the edges. I guess we won’t really know until she’s a year. And maybe not even then.


  • Katrina

    I have to say that you have THE MOST ADORABLE BABY ON EARTH! And I should know, because I had the most adorable babies on earth (now 13 and 15). I put off clicking on your blog every day just so I can truly appreciate that face. What a performer! Just wait until she is 4, she will not take off her mermaid (or princess, or fireman, or scuba diver) outfit, and you will have to let her go to the store and preschool and the beach and the library and to bed in the same outfit day after day. And her dad will die. And blame you. But look at that face! She is going to get away with so much! And thanks to you, too, for the beautiful photography. It’s not easy to capture personality like you do, with all your subjects. I don’t comment often (if ever), but I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy you and your family.

  • BeachMama

    Hair is such a mystery. J had almost white blonde at the beach hair for his first year and a half. People would look at my dirty blonde locks and ask where he got his blonde hair from.

    Now he has gorgeous strawberry blonde and it grows so fast we cut is almost every two months. And this from a kid who had almost no hair for a year.

    Her eye colour may remain a mystery, which is great because she will get some awesome compliaments and guys will fall down at her feet trying to look into her deep brown, blue, grey eyes.

  • Michele

    I read somewhere that eye color can change until they are 2 years old! I dn’t know if that’s true or not, but maybe she’ll have EVERY color for a while until she’s 2 and her eyes decide which one they like best? Hee.

  • aunt kathy

    The mystery girl! She’ll make a great spy if people can’t identify her hair or eye color. Think of all the people she’ll fool with her changes. She actually looks like she has Kelly’s coloring, but at first I thought she would have yours. What a difference!

  • Lisa

    seriously…the cutest baby ever! please tell me where i can i order one just like her? it will need to be delivered in feb. 2007, by the way.

  • Jennifer

    Awwww, hair! She wears it well. I think the hair will change all the time, then again at puberty. Fun to see the changes. For some reason I thought that Baby Bugs eyes were blue blue. I thought that eyes “set” by a year or so but my 4 year old had striking blue eyes until she was 2ish and then they suddenly morphed to green, then to brownish and now greenish brown hazelish.

  • Jailgy

    I think she will have your Dad’s coloring, right down to the red hair. We don’t want those genes to pass out of the family.

  • Daisy Mae

    I agree with Comfortably crazy, it doesn’t matter either way because she is adorable! With that being said my daughter was born with blonde/light brown looking fuzz but when it started growing in (don’t get scared) it grew in RED! And she had (still does) the red headed temper to go with it! Good luck! ;-)