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    Under the Sea Baby Shower

    What do you do when it’s hot and sweaty and you can barely stand to let the skin on your arms to touch the side of your body, let alone the perspiration dripping down your back? You throw a baby shower in your non-air conditioned apartment of course! Lots of talking bodies in a small room with nothing but plug in fans to keep you cool! Non-stop fun, right?!!

    Well, in a way it was. I think it’s one of the most interesting parties I’ve dreamed up so far. The theme was the best. If anyone is struggling on what to do for a birthday party or a baby shower, I strongly recommend going with the “under the sea” theme. There are just so many things you can do with fish and ocean life. We had blue punch, blue cupcakes with chocolate fish cookies on top, a cake with an ocean scene decorated on top. There were dangling paper fish and plastic (christmas ornament) balls strung together as bubbles, shells every where and a few ruffly fish pinatas. Goldfish crackers and Swedish fish and gummy octopi… It was so fun I almost forgot about how much I hate people seeing my disgusting carpet.

    Even the guest of honor had fun. Oh that’s right! The part was for the her!!! I thought the party was for me. I love creating these shindigs so much that sometimes I forget what the original purpose of the party was in the first place. If you looked up my name in the dictionary it would say something about how I like to “over-do” and “over-spend”. I don’t know why. I just can’t stop myself. It was really hard to pause and take time to feed the baby and rock her to sleep and play with her because I was so manic about getting my house clean and every last detail in place.

    When I had a minute to think (while stuck in a back room feeding the baby) I scolded myself because if I’m not careful I’m going to be one of those mom’s who’s so wrapped in her own world she forgets her daughter’s dance recitals or throws away precious play dough sculptures just because they don’t fit in with my latest soiree. I really don’t want to be that kind of mom. I hope I stop whatever I’m doing and kiss boo boos and pet caterpillars even if my guests will be showing up in minus two hours and I still have to ice a cake and clean toilets.

    But now that it’s done and most of the dishes are washed and put away and the crape paper has been stripped from the rafters, I can say that the party was a success. I think we all had fun…even if I don’t always have my priorities straight.

    p.s. Baby Bug couldn’t wear her mermaid costume because it was just tooooooooo hot!

    p.p.s. In the first writing of this post I didn’t say anything about how much my family helped me. They really deserve a whole post on their own. From my mom and sister-in-law catering the delicious Mexican food, to my nieces special touch on the decorations, to my Dad’s handyman skills fixing things around the house, to my Brother’s strong shoulders lifting me up high enough to reach the rafters to hang streamers…. they are what make me tick. I don’t think any other family would be so patient, willing and enthusiastic to help a crazy lunatic party-planning freak, like me, realize her dreams. Thank you guys. I love you.

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